Slavery and Greed In The Modern Western World!

Disguised: When the time came to abolish slavery, we all thought that humanity was reaching a new level of understanding and appreciation, a new era of enlightenment. However, be this as true as it may be, it is also true to say that slavery still abounds in the modern western world. The chains may no longer be physical, instead perhaps metaphorical, but they still exist, likewise the abuse and lack of appreciation of the slaves. Nowadays of course, slavery is disguised in a way so as to make it a little less obvious, but nevertheless, even in its disguised form, it is still as prevalent as ever. Of course, the controlling factor is no longer fear and intimidation, it is instead, money. With the aid of money, the controlling elite realised that they didn't have to be quite so blatant about their domination of the subservient, it was just a question of keeping them in their monetary place. Here are some of the dictionary definitions from the Oxford Dictionary pertaining to the word slavery.... Severe toil, exhausting labour, drudgery. The condition or fact of being a slave, servitude; onerous subjugation. Subjection to, or domination by, a specified influence. The practice or institution of keeping slaves, the existence of slaves as a class.

Living Organism: Sound familiar? Yes indeed! However, we know that life involves a certain amount of donkey work, so what exactly is the fuss about? Well, for me it's about the appalling lack of appreciation for those that slave away at the lower levels, keeping the wheels of society turning, and yet get minor, often significantly insufficient reward for their efforts. Many people, even though slaving for long hours, still cannot afford to live reasonably, and they exist from day to day under the constant financial stress of wondering how to pay their bills and where the next penny is coming from. Why is this? Well, because many in society are so greedy and so up themselves that they somehow think that they are worth so much more than everyone else and want to hog all of the fiscal nourishment. Worse than that, the general viewpoint is often prone to simply accept that concept as being legitimate. However, in my book, it stinks. Every job in society is important, in fact, for me, every job in society is equally important and I will tell you why. Any society is a body, a functioning living organism, just like the human body and if that body does not manage and distribute its resources appropriately to each of its little cells (grey or otherwise) the body as a whole will fail. It will become ill and incapacitated, or simply die.

Life Principles: It's funny how as children we are usually taught by our parents how important it is to share and not to be greedy, however, it appears that by the time we reach adulthood, this lesson for many has been completely forgotten. I don't want to mention any names because there are so many to choose from, however, I was mildly amused a little while back listening on the TV to somebody with a name like 'that which goes on your cornflakes or in your tea' saying how he thought the bigwigs were worth so much more and deserved their massive fat cat salaries. In effect, they were entitled to be so greedy at the expense of others in society, regardless. However, I would like to point out to Lord 'that which goes on your cornflakes or in your tea', and anyone else who thinks that this viewpoint is legitimate, if your body operated on those same principles, parts of it would fail and you would not be able to function and live your life properly. You might even drop dead. Your brain may be the significant control centre, very important in your being, and cleverer than your arms and legs, but if it was to hog all the nourishment your arms and legs and other essential parts of your body would simply fail. What does this mean? Well, without assistance, your brain may know full well what it wants to buy, but it won't be able to get to the supermarket to buy it. It may also know full well what it would like to eat, but it would have no way of feeding itself. You would therefore ultimately die by virtue of the application of your own principles. It's a good job God, or nature, depending on your belief, doesn't think like Mr Sugar (oops).

See The Bigger Picture: There is so much we take for granted in this world and maybe that is something that only someone in a position such as Steven Hawking can appreciate and yet the rest of us can never properly contemplate. However, whatever size of body or organism we are talking about, greed is not good and taking more than you need, or can ever use at the expense of others and while others go without is not good. All the wheels need to turn properly and efficiently for the body to function, thrive and evolve, and those parts or cells or people that turn those wheels are equally important and equally deserving. In a situation of limited resource, any man that thinks he's worth so much more than others that he causes them to go hungry, really needs to open his eyes and see the bigger picture. If four people sat down at a table to share a pie for dinner and one person proceeded to dish himself up 90% of the pie, leaving just 10% for the other three, he would be seen to be wholly unreasonable and the other three would think he was completely taking the P, and yet this is how our society is. This is how our society is expected to function. Is it any surprise then that it doesn't function very well and is in fact, a bit of a mess!

Greed Is A Disease! The people who are overly greedy in this world cause a lot of hardship and suffering for the rest. This has to change if we are ever to live in a healthy and respectable society on a healthy and respectable planet. At the moment, we are a long way short of that! The overly greedy should also realise that there is ultimately little point in being so greedy as you cannot actually take it with you. Greed is a disease and it does a lot of damage. The financial disparity that exists in this world I personally find appalling and I think that when the time comes for the greedy people of this world to pass over to the next, they will probably be sent back here as pigs and end up as pork sausages on the tables of the poor. How ironic! Still, maybe before that happens we should give them all a chance to change for the benefit of the greater being, and so they can feel so much better within themselves. What do you think?
Crosstalk by Taz: November 2013