Religion vs. Common Sense...?

Damage: Many people recognize that problems in this world can never be rectified unless we address the multitude of problems caused by religion…. As we know there is often more to life than meets the eye and, likewise, there may well be some truth in God, so even if you don't believe, it's always worth keeping an open mind. To those that dismiss such things out of hand, I always ask if they've been 'up there' and had a good look around. No, I didn't think so, haha. However, joking aside, many people are put off of belief in God because of what they see others do in the name of religion, and I have to say that is somewhat understandable when just about anyone can dress up in a robe or a fancy costume and preach the so-called 'word of God', regardless of whether they are right or wrong and regardless of the damage they may cause.

Buried Beneath: Religion has divided our globe into a multitude of compartments. Man's battle to try and understand, together with his corrupting ability to preach and pervert for his own ends, has caused many problems and cost many lives. Not particularly Godly, one would think. There is, therefore, a very good argument for simply relying on our common sense to get beyond the flesh of the fancy embroidery, the personal opinion, the illusion, the myth and misinterpretation, to what we may call the skeleton of truth, buried beneath. We are all the same. We all have the same needs. Nature is very clever. And we are very lucky to be here. It is that simple. We should know and respect that by now!

Truth Should Be The Truth: Unfortunately, religion can vastly overcomplicate things. It is a very personal thing, and that's perhaps how it should remain, although it's difficult when people are so often caught up and indoctrinated from birth. Not everyone will perhaps agree with this, however, most will agree if using common sense alone. Those that may disagree, but judge with reference to their religious belief, are often part of the problem. Religion is one of mankind's greatest ills. We are not talking about spirituality here, or personal belief in God, or your own personal relationship with any such thing, but purely and simply religion and the things that people do and say in its name. Many of which are conflicting, nonsensical and simply wrong. The truth should be the truth in every religion, or indeed out of it, although unfortunately, it seems that currently it is not! God's work should not cause problems - it should solve them! If people are not doing good, they are not doing for God!

Gets In The Way: If we are ever to solve our problems on this planet, perhaps it is time to put our personal and subjective beliefs to one side and take religion out of the picture. For as so many people cannot agree on what is 'right' in religion, and we don't need it to establish common sense, it simply gets in the way. Religion, with all its faults and contradictions often causes more problems than it solves and is just another excuse for people to argue and fight. If you believe in God, but don't think this is a good idea, let me say that God is about truth (so we are told), and there is no room for argument in truth, only truth. Therefore, God cannot be about argument and disagreement. Likewise, anything that causes argument and disagreement in God's name, cannot represent, or be about God, but just people's misinterpretations of what is true!
Crosstalk by Taz: October 2012