The Real Enemy - Misplaced Emphasis - Avoiding The Iceberg Part 2

Rock The Boat! I use the phrase small-minded when talking about those that have governed the direction and fate of nations in such a manner because ultimately all of these things are as a result of their small-mindedness and inability to do a trustworthy and respectable job of that for which they have enrolled themselves. Anybody who thinks they can just take at the expense of others is obviously morally devoid to begin with, but none of these people, past or present, seem to care about those they tread on or upset. As they start to rock the boat, they don't appreciate that we are all actually in the boat. Yes, like it or not, we are all on the same ship. We are, in fact, all shipmates on a moderately sized spaceship that we know as Planet Earth sailing in an ocean of space. I know we don't actually sail very far, in fact we spend all our time going around in circles, chasing our tail - and there must be something in that. However, we wouldn't want to sink our ship would we, and in fact it gets very uncomfortable for all of us when somebody starts to rock the boat! So, it is about time all small-minded people started to see the bigger picture and appreciate the situation we're in! Especially those in charge!

It Matters Not! Many people in this world do not consider that we are all the same and all equally important. Some think they are much more important, or somehow much better, because they have more money, or have more control. Therefore, they somehow have the right to walk all over others, or the right simply not to care. However, life is very clever and has a strange and funny way of turning the tables at times. What people think is good, can eventually turn out to be bad and apart judging the good and bad in people, there is no other discrimination that can be ultimately made. It matters not what colour we are, what sexuality we are, what country we live in, what religion we are, what football team we support, or what school we went to. The only people that make issues out of those things are very small-minded people that have a lot to learn!

Take Over The Slice: The only thing of concern, and that by which we will be judged, is whether we leave a smile on people’s faces or a trail of victims in our wake! As individuals, that is the only issue, and for us, the only thing that we need to worry about. It is ultimately how we are all measured. As nations we do not have to behave like moulds on a piece of bread, vying for superiority to take over the slice. We can, and should, rise above that. Perhaps the problem is that those that vie for power and ultimately get in, one way or the other, do it for all the wrong reasons. Corruption and impurity of motivation have a lot to answer for. However, there is no compos mentis man that does not know the difference between right and wrong, and although some may choose to ignore it when it suits them, sooner or later it will catch up with them. It always does.

Little Memory Stick: Many people think that they can get away with things in this world, because they are somehow untouchable, or because they think nobody is watching. However, if it doesn't catch up with them in this world, and it often does, it will in the next. Yes, it may be a little difficult for us to imagine at the moment but every last thought and detail of what we do in life is recorded on that little memory stick inside our being. People that have near death experiences and see their whole lives flash before them in great detail, are seeing exactly that. That's where those that make an effort in life win hands down. Nobody who has tried their best and tried to do the right thing by people need worry. However, for the reverse, well... they may be just a touch embarrassed! Anybody who thinks there are no consequences for bad behaviour has a big chunk of their education missing and a lot to learn!

It Can Happen! In the meantime, in would help greatly if we could all begin to understand that we are all on a ship that we know as Earth. It's a little bit bigger than Titanic, but it is a ship nevertheless. It would also help greatly if we could avoid rocking the boat, and the resultant burden and cost, both in financial and human terms, of all the infighting between the crew on our ship. It would also be good if we could avoid being too small-minded, as if we are, we are unable to understand the fact that we are all on the same ship and, in fact, all a part of the same crew. Small-mindedness prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. Conditions on our ship and the smooth operation of it, depend on the quality of its crew. On any ship there is no room for infighting and no room for mutiny, but at the same time, there is no room for inconsideration of the crew either, else the ship may flounder and even sink. If we are too busy fighting and arguing amongst ourselves, and not focussing on what we should be, our ship may well hit a metaphorical rock, or even an iceberg. Yes, we know it can happen!
Crosstalk by Taz: November 2014

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