The Real Enemy - Misplaced Emphasis - Avoiding The Iceberg Part 1

The Real Enemy! While small-minded men, leaders of nations, and others, have sacrificed their armies and innocent civilians, arguing and battling over their petty differences and fighting over territories like dogs over a bone, the real enemy, common to us all, sneaks up on us at regular intervals often taking a devastating toll...

The Common Good! The decent people of this world work out where to put their emphasis and they work towards the common good on behalf of all mankind, regardless. They use what resources they can get to do what they can to improve the world we live in. At the moment that same world is still being screwed by the overly selfish and untrustworthy, who use their manipulative ways and their armies to fight and squabble, inconveniencing the masses, walking over others and forcing the ordinary people of this world to stand opposed and even take up arms against each other. War, as we know, usually starts with an aggressor mobilising an army and invading the land or the ways of others. This causes those being invaded to take up arms to hit back and to try and protect themselves and their land.

Without War! As previously noted, people who start wars in this way have a lot to answer for, but they can't do it on their own. They have to convince others to believe in what they are doing and to go along with it. Such a mentality has caused us to live on the edge of a precipice which we could still topple over at any time. While we waste so much of our money and resources on ways of destroying our fellow human beings, the real enemy, common to all, takes non-discriminatory bites out of humanity at fairly regular intervals. Those bites could become much bigger, depending on how things go. Equally, the bites could be diminished in size with the right appliance of science and the right financial emphasis from us. In the past we have wasted inordinate amounts of money on fighting and military one-upmanship. Just imagine where we could be now if we had put all that money and effort into constructive technology, as opposed to destructive technology. Just imagine where we could be without war!

A Few More Squares: The financial cost of war is colossal and we are still having to pay the cost of wars, both past and present. Only some of the ordinary people on this planet may get dragged into the brutal and futile conflict at any one time, but we all have to pick up the financial tab and pay the planetary consequences. War is often a result of vying for supremacy, and trying to get control of a few more squares on the chessboard. It is generally caused by someone's selfish, power mad ambition and is the final straw and eruptive symptom of an underlying multifaceted disease that permeates our being and encompasses the likes of inconsideration, selfishness, ego, greed, and exploitation. In fact, all the problems in this world are caused by our selfishness and unwillingness to consider others, and other rights. A lack of care. On a planet such as ours, with all that we have been given, war is truly pathetic, and whether it's served hot or cold, it's also very expensive. More than we can afford. The whole planet is in significant debt due to war and many have had to go without the very basic essentials as a result. We will no doubt be paying for that stupidity and selfishness for many years to come. While the greedy rich controlling elite play real life monopoly with the bulk of the money, ordinary parents struggle to put food on the table for their kids, and many have nowhere to live.

MAD! The financial cost of the cold war has also been colossal. The struggle for supremacy between the superpowers eventually bankrupted the USSR. As they tried to gain the edge over NATO with their nuclear submarine and missile technology. Their housekeeping, just like everyone else's, simply went down the drain, except the Russians spent a bit more than they actually had. Secrets were stolen from the Americans, and the Russians spent absolute fortunes on trying to implement the technology. Eventually everybody had a nice big array of bombs and missiles, and nuclear submarines that were the envy of the Jones', but at what cost to us all? This nuclear standoff was known as 'Mutually Assured Destruction' and was summed up with the acronym MAD, how ironic! We had in fact amassed enough explosive potential to kill every individual in the world with the equivalent of five tons of TNT explosive and just one cold war Polaris sub alone had more explosive potential than all the weapons dropped by both sides in WW2.

Help Themselves? On top of two world wars, in the middle of the cold war we also teetered on the nuclear precipice with the Cuban missile crisis and came close to blowing ourselves to pieces by accident on more than one occasion. We also had the grandmasters of East and West playing the world chess championship on the chequered boards of Korea and Vietnam. Ignoring the cost in both financial and human terms, it seems they just couldn't help themselves. Or maybe it's because they thought they could just help themselves. Whatever the case, it all adds up to a tragic and disgraceful waste of money, life and opportunity. It is about time we grew up and learnt to appreciate and respect what we have been given!
Crosstalk by Taz: November 2014

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