The Price Of Power...???

Bribery And Corruption: We know that bribery and corruption is usually considered to be an offence, although we all do it with our kids, and our dogs, etc, i.e. temp them with a treat to get them to comply. However, you wouldn't think that such behaviour was acceptable when coming from the Prime Minister and the Leader Of The Opposition. Recent events have left me fairly speechless (but not writeless as you can see). These people make me rather angry at times (one would never have guessed, of course). They consistently fail the people in major areas and yet think they can just bribe their way in to power with a cheap and blatant carrot-dangle. Mr Cameron says, "We will give you a vote on Europe, if we get in for another term." "Oh, that's nice of Mr Cameron? How thoroughly decent of you in this so-called democracy - but why not give us a vote now? You're already in, so why not just give us a vote now?" Mr Cameron is obviously a little concerned about the rising popularity of UKIP and the fact that so many people are so fed up with the sound of the European anthem and obviously felt he had to offer something. A recent poll showed that only 26% of people think that being in Europe is of benefit. The days of being ruled (and overruled) from afar should have died with the British Empire, but unfortunately, they didn't. Nobody should be forced to be in a position they don't want to be in and yet it still goes on all around. From your little backstreet, to your nation and even nations interfering in other nations. When will we learn that dictating from afar without consideration, backing it up with might and bullyboy tactics, is NOT the answer and IS the cause of all the problems in this world!

Under The Hammer: However, before we digress too far, not to be outdone by Mr Cameron's attempted bribe, Mr Milliband says, "WE will freeze the price of power if we get in at the next election." However, he might have thought this one through a little because, wasn't it fairly obvious that this would just cause the energy companies to put their prices up now, before he can carry out such a promise? And this guy wants to be Prime Minister? Once upon a time, we used to have an energy company of our own. Remember British Gas? Yes, once upon a time it belonged to the nation. At one time, any profits from the company could benefit all and go back into the exchequer, go back into infrastructure, or be used to keep the price of fuel down. Nowadays surplus profit such companies make goes to the elite shareholders. Apart from the NHS, which is a non-profit organisation, I don't think the public as a whole actually own anything anymore, do we? The last bastion, the Royal Mail, is just going under the hammer. Everything that our forefathers built up with their blood, sweat and tears, has been squandered by politicians in recent years and sold off to the rich.

Great Mart Hatcher: When I showed my dad the last article, he said he thought it was fine, except for the bit about the anagrams. He doesn't relate to that too much, as it's all just in the interpretation. However, I just can't help myself at times. What about this one? That Great Charmer, A Charm That Regret, Great Charm Threat and The Great Charm Rat, to indicate a few. Worked it out yet? Yes, of course, it's Margaret Thatcher. Charming everyone on the one hand, selling them out on the other. She and the men behind her, sold off British Gas, British Steel, British Airways, British Aerospace, British Telecom, British Rail, British Petroleum, British Airports Authority, Rolls Royce, Cable and Wireless, the Water Board, etc, etc, etc.... She, who coincidently also translates to Great Mart Hatcher made it open market for the rich. Just about everything British went under the hammer. She ran down our industry, sold off council houses without building new ones, alienated the north, instituted poll tax against the public will, and generally walked all over people (including her own cabinet). She even thought that gay people were gay because they were badly educated and said as much in one of her speeches. You can watch that speech for yourself on YouTube. She let the people down in a big way and was certainly devoid of empathy for the masses (and for gay people). I have said this many times and no doubt will say it many more. If you are the Prime Minister you have a responsibility to the people - not just some of the people but all the people. You can't just look after the rich and walk all over the rest. Well, you can of course, and they do, but, what I mean is, morally you shouldn't! Your responsibility should be to all, not just some!

A Few Crumbs: What Mrs Thatcher and the men behind her did was actually very astute, although equally very selfish. They made the public think that the only way our nationalised companies could work and make a profit is if they were sold off to private individuals. And of course, when they are, they suddenly make significant profits in the millions and billions. Funny that! Who gets the profit now? Well, not us. Not the people that built the companies, nor their children, or their grandchildren. Oh yes, they may give the workers a few crumbs to try and buy their loyalty to such a move, but such a move ultimately earns vast amounts for the rich at the expense of the poor. Once upon a time, we all had a share. Once upon a time we owned our own country and our own industry. Now we don't. We used to be the masters, but we have now become the slaves.

Morally Questionable? Of course the six big power companies, none of which are owned by the people any more, have got the nation over a barrel. As long as they collaborate, they can do what they like when they like and despite Mr Milliband's, perhaps well-meaning, but rather limp and impotent gesture, no government is currently able, or willing it seems, to do what a decent government should. That is to make sure that all of its people can afford the power they need to function from day to day and to keep warm in the winter. The power, in fact, to stop people dying from the cold. Last winter between 24,000 and 31,000 people died as a result of not being able to keep warm. I bet that number didn't include any MP's on their nice fat salaries - plus expenses (and they've just had another 11% pay rise), and I bet it didn't include any energy company shareholders. The energy companies currently make significant and obscene profits and, in them doing so, people are suffering and dying a not very nice death. Not satisfied, they still want more. To profit from life's essentials to the point where people cannot afford them so they suffer and die, is somewhat morally questionable wouldn't you think? It is also questionable that any morally sound government would allow such a regime to exist in this green and generally pleasant land. But they have and they do!

Our Energy Company: What we actually need perhaps is an energy company of our own. Didn't we have one of those once? Oh yes, I remember. Just a few paragraphs ago, before Mrs Thatcher came along. A company called British Gas. Yes, the clue was in the name all the time. Well, perhaps we should buy back British Gas and make it properly British again? Although I will say British Gas is still owned by a British consortium. However, it is still a privatised company benefitting the few rather than the most. The people of this nation only need one power company which we can all sign up to and we can get our power for a decent price. All the other companies, owned by the French, the Spanish, the Germans, etc, will be surplus to requirements. Hallelujah, we can all have some reasonably priced energy again, and what's more, the elderly and the hard pressed will be less likely to shiver and go without in the winter. Let's get it done!

Essential: For the average person in the street, power is essential. No, I don't mean the kind of power that the politicians and those who want to rule aspire to, but the kind that enables us to live comfortably in this modern day. People should therefore not be deprived of it by being priced out of the market. The provision of power to all in our society should be a priority, just like the provision of food, water and shelter. If we don't address these problems, how long will it be before people can't afford to have a wash or flush their toilet. As it is, many cannot afford to buy or rent and many can't afford to even eat properly. Mothers are going without so that they can feed their kids. Kids go to school and teachers are giving them breakfast, because they haven't been able to have any at home. The Government has the power. The power is the means to change. However, what we need, just for once, is a government that uses that power to benefit the people. All the people, not just some. And just for once, a government that doesn't take advantage and sell us out!
Crosstalk by Taz: January 2014