Politicians Years Behind Grass Roots...!!! Part 6.

The Devil You Know! It is not just about the way society has regarded and dealt with cannabis that has caused significant problems over the years. Just about every area of drug use, misuse and abuse would benefit from a rethink. We have had problems with legal highs in recent times and young people have actually died from using them as a result. They're not nice, not safe, and contain all sorts of chemical crap, but young people turned to them knowing that they were not breaking the law. However, even though legal, they were not properly regulated, controlled, or understood, and were churned out quicker than governments were able to act. However, we do know about the pros and cons of the traditional drugs. We know what you can do and what you can't and it is much better the devil you know!

Innocent Victims: Innocent ordinary members of the public currently get dragged into the drug equation when heroin addicts are driven to commit crime to appease their cravings. Shop lifting, mugging, theft and fraud. It costs us all. However, these problems can be eradicated instantly with a different approach. People should not be getting addicted to heroin nowadays. But if they are unfortunate enough to have become so, then for goodness sake let's help them and give them what they need to appease the illness and feel normal. Let us not turn our backs on people and force them into a life of petty crime and prostitution. We ourselves pay the bill for that lack of compassion and understanding with the tremendous cost and waste of police and judicial system resources. Plus, every single person that becomes a victim of such a theft or robbery, is a victim that needn't have been. Let us help the people in need and help ourselves at the same time.

Proper Drug Discrimination: Drug discrimination is also a massive issue. Many young people are caught unawares. By making cannabis illegal we actually cause people to question all illegal drugs. They may puff on a joint and realise it’s not actually that bad, they can then make the massive mistake of thinking the same about heroin. Proper drug education needs to be applied in schools alongside sex education and learning how to cook yourself a healthy meal. It's not rocket science. It is basic life management. Health and safety. Being streetwise. Governments have been responsible for people dying needlessly for many years! That is a fact! Recognise what needs to be done and deal with the drugs issue properly and no one will die. Heroin addicts can have a quality controlled, regulated, quality assured, drug that they don't have to steal or sell themselves for. It's cheaper to address the problem in this manner than it is to mop up the trail of crime and there will also be no innocent victims dragged into the equation. Less heartache and expense all round. Simple! No one likes being an addict, but often people don't know the score until it's too late. That also needs to change!

Achieving Change: We do need revision in this country, not just where drugs are concerned, the political system needs updating as well. It is archaic and quite frankly, for this day and age, ridiculous. The trouble with living in a dictatorship is that one man (or woman) can screw it up for everybody without giving any consideration to anyone else, and we have seen far too much of that. Vast numbers of people from all walks of life know that we need change but, despite renewed recent calls from drug experts, drug charities, top policemen, and some M.P.s, as well as old hippies, Mr Cameron says, "No, there will be no change!" Well, actually Mr Cameron, yes, there will change, because it is the right thing to do, and you are simply wrong and still living in the dark ages! It is just a question of how long it takes for people like you to see the light. Getting people to understand what is right and what is not, is always a challenge in this world. Getting enough people to get the ball rolling is the hard part. Once the ball is rolling, it becomes a bit easier and this is a big ball, and it is already rolling.

Benefits For All Mankind: There are huge potential benefits for all mankind if we face up to and properly deal with this issue. We can eradicate death from drug war and drug related gang violence. We can eradicate terrorist and organised crime funding from drug trafficking. Eradicate death from drug taking. Eradicate drug driven petty theft and shoplifting. Eradicate drug enforced prostitution. Save innocent members of the public from becoming victims of drug driven burglary and theft. Eradicate psychological problems in young people from smoking cannabis. Save the exchequer multiple billions annually in wasted police, prison and judicial system resources. Make the exchequer further multiple billions annually in profits from sales. Eradicate persecution by the authorities of free thinking consenting adults. Avoid bad feeling and lack of respect for the law from those currently persecuted. Give respect to, and honour that, which God wished to give to everyone – freewill, and there are many reasons as to why that is right, and we are currently wrong!
Crosstalk by Taz: November 2015