Politicians Years Behind Grass Roots...!!! Part 5.

Guilty! Statistics show there has been a 63% increase in admissions to psychiatric facilities over the last five years due to people smoking skunk. Yes, we now know that due to its strength and chemical imbalance it can be psychologically damaging to young people who smoke it regularly in their developing years. Of course you might say to the kids when they reach a certain age that they can have a beer, but you wouldn't encourage them to hit the hard stuff by only offering them moonshine, and yet through our action and inaction, in the cannabis world, this is exactly what we have done. That responsibility rests ultimately with the Government. It is simply not acceptable to stand up there like some despotic headmaster waving a stick and ordering people not to use cannabis! It doesn't work, it hasn't worked and it is not going to work, and for a very good reason. Although we have been caught out where skunk is concerned, most people know that natural cannabis is not actually that bad. In fact natural cannabis has considerable positive points including tremendous and widespread medicinal benefits. It is positively helpful in the treatment of MS, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, hepatitis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, Parkinson’s, lupus, arthritis and many other conditions. You can’t say that about alcohol. Cannabis, unlike alcohol, doesn't invoke violence, in fact, quite the opposite. It is a highly social drug, inspiring friendship and kinship, and is associated with peace and goodwill. It is also a very thought provoking, enlightening, inspirational and creative drug, especially where music is concerned. It is not highly addictive in the same way that tobacco is, and unlike alcohol, you cannot die from overdosing. Unlike alcohol, people do not behave like morons when they have had a smoke. If you came here from another planet and were asked to pick which one of the two drugs was illegal, you would pick alcohol every time. There is simply no contest! Society therefore currently stands guilty of hypocrisy and also a much more serious offence - rape!

Rape Is Wrong! If you have ever been accosted by the authorities, or if you like, busted for controlled substance use, or possession, it leaves you feeling like you have been violated. Yes, that is raped! Rape is usually recognised as an offence under the eyes of the law and yet here we are, with our very own law carrying out its very own form of rape. Of course, many people think the authorities are doing the right thing and behaving justly. But I would say to anyone who thinks like this, don't because you will be wrong! If you believe people should be persecuted for adopting a particular belief or lifestyle choice, when it is harming no other, you stand in line with people such as the Nazis, the Taliban, Isis and many other notably despicable outfits. I personally do not like persecution in any form and when I see our very own police force smashing its way through somebody's front door to gain uninvited entry into their home, or people being accosted in the street, when harming no other, my sympathies go out to the people on the receiving end of such treatment. Rape of any kind is wrong and it's about time we understood this and behaved accordingly. As we have noted before, even in our own fair land, just because it has been enshrined in law, doesn't mean it is right! We have been wrong on many an occasion. This is just one more such occasion. As we have also noted before, as far as consenting adults go, if there is no victim there cannot be a crime, just a difference of opinion, or preference.

We Are Not Alone: We all imbibe poisons in one form or another, but it is not just humans that like to experience the feeling of mild intoxication, or an altered state. I have watched various animals on nature programmes doing exactly the same. Monkeys, giraffes, elephants, etc, deliberately consuming fermenting fruit from where it has fallen on the ground, so as to get drunk and fool around. Even dolphins have their own way of getting high by passing around and having a go on the aptly named puffer fish and they have now been filmed doing so. If you've not seen it, check it out on YouTube. It's hilarious and a complete education. Just type in ‘dolphins puffer fish’. It seems it is a fact of life that we mammals like to experience such experiences. There are potential dangers, yes, as in all adventure and exploration, however, that doesn't mean we don't ever do it. What it does mean is that we take the necessary precautions, use the best understanding and equipment available to us, and we don't take unnecessary or known risks.

A New Approach: Many people realise that there needs to be a rethink and a change in the way we manage and deal with drugs. We all like to explore and experience and we have to except that people like to, and will do these things if they think its ok. We have no right to take away what is a person's fundamental God-given right to freedom of choice. Unless we think we know better than God that is. We do need more discrimination and consideration but we have to stop wasting our time wielding the big stick and take a completely new approach to the way we manage drugs and the associated problems. A completely new approach which encompasses real understanding as well as the acknowledgement and application of psychology, education, human rights, moral decency and common sense!
Crosstalk by Taz: October 2015

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