Politicians Years Behind Grass Roots...!!! Part 4.

As Nature Intended: Just as with wine, the world at large offers an extremely diverse degree of different types of naturally occurring cannabis, which mainly comes in four different forms... Cannabis resin, the resin exuded by the leaf rubbed and rolled when warm into a ball or slab. Hash, the oily pollen shaken from the plant, often gathered in small cloth sacks and rolled when warm into slabs. Grass, the dried leaves and flower heads, and cannabis oil, the refined oil as also used for medicinal purposes. Just as with wines, the many different types of cannabis available are often named after the type and region or country of origin, such as Afghani, Nepalese, Lebanese, Moroccan, Columbian, etc. Just as with wines, between them all, they represent an extreme variety of nature's finest in bouquet, taste and smoke. It can definitely be that Condor moment and I'm sure that's exactly how nature intended it! Cannabis, also as nature intended, is much safer to use on a regular basis than skunk because it has a psychologically healthier balance of psychoactive ingredients. So, why don't people use natural cannabis in the UK? Well, simply because it's not available. Many regular users and those that remember the good old days much prefer it. Young people of course, know no different, as all they can get is skunk, or worse. Shamefully, it is actually easier to get heroin in the UK than natural cannabis in one form or another. Cannabis was usually typically smoked in joints with tobacco, which meant people risked becoming addicted to nicotine. However, cannabis can be ingested and nowadays people can use vaporizers, so there is no need to smoke tobacco, or even smoke at all.

Can b a sin! Cannabis use should not be considered a crime and should not be punishable as such! However, at the moment, our society sees it differently. Any form of over-use or abuse can bring about problems and be regarded as unhealthy. Just as with fizzy drinks, alcohol, pies, chocolate, cakes and sweets, and of course salt, which kills 40,000 people a year in the U.K. It is not necessarily the fact that people indulge that is wrong, it is the fact that sometimes they over-indulge. Young people cannot help over-indulging with skunk because it is imbalanced and so potent to begin with. If our society had a better understanding of drugs and we managed such controlled substances properly, i.e. they were PROPERLY CONTROLLED, and PROPERLY QUALITY CONTROLLED, we could largely make sure that this would not happen. There would also be a much wider and more respectable choice available!

Let's Get It Right! When it comes to alcohol, there are legal limits and controls over maximum strengths and availabilities. There are also quality controls, and where these are not adhered to, such as with counterfeit, under-the-counter vodka, etc, we see resultant problems and fatalities surrounding their use. That is why we have controls and protocols in any area where such potential dangers can exist. Such as adventure sports, learning to drive and crossing the road. Training, education, and understanding protocol are vital. We learn from our mistakes, building on and imparting that knowledge to those that follow on behind. This is all important to refining and safeguarding our existence and quality of life. In other words, we try and get it right and when we don’t we learn and we adapt! It is time for us to do the same with illegal drugs. When anything is done under the counter there is always a chance for the unethical in our society to take advantage and dish out a product void of all restraints, controls and quality checks. By legitimising and regulating substances alongside education, as we do in any potentially hazardous areas, we can make sure people have the best education and the best equipment. If we don't offer these two ingredients, we are letting people down. The rest will always be up to the individual and that is how it should be. That is as God or nature intended it and no man should argue with that, although many do, and their interferences give rise to the all kinds of mess that we see in this world!

Interfering Man: Man's interference twice has brought about the problems we now face with young people suffering psychosis and other issues as a result of smoking skunk. We have interfered with a person's right to have access to the natural product and caused the creation of a genetically modified replacement that we cannot prevent from reaching the kids. By interfering with fundamental natural laws society is badly letting people down and abusing them at the same time. The cannabis situation is just the tip of a massive drug’s iceberg, as even completely innocent people currently get dragged into the drug’s equation through drug related crime when heroin addicts steal to try and appease their cravings. Crime that is completely unnecessary and could in fact be completely eradicated overnight just by giving addicts what they need, as we would with any other affliction. It should not ever have been easier for people to buy heroin on the street than a bit of natural cannabis and yet that is how it has been for a long time. We all pay the price for that! And when it comes to cannabis, people should be able to get good quality natural cannabis in the form of hash, resin, or grass and not just skunk; that is, the hard stuff! Yes, it stinks!
Crosstalk by Taz: September 2015

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