Politicians Years Behind Grass Roots...!!! Part 3.

Knowing The Score! People can be silly at times, but we all have a brain of our own and we should be encouraged to use it. Most people given a chance and a little bit of education can eventually work things out for themselves. People can sometimes be excessive but, in fact, most are sensible and most can enjoy alcohol and other things in life without incurring a destructive habit, as long as they don't over indulge and avoid the really addictive drugs such as tobacco, smack, crack & crystal meth, etc. The trouble is, many people still do not know there is a difference. God gave everyone brains, however, he didn't give everyone the facts! That is up to us! Yes, some of us will make mistakes in this world, but we can help to keep those mistakes to a minimum by knowing the score! All drugs are drugs but they are not all the same. Currently there is not enough distinction between the various types of drug and this is perhaps because those that use the term 'drugs' so indiscriminately don't really know the difference themselves. However, there is a vast difference between the various effects (and consequences) of the different drugs in this world and this needs to be acknowledged. Just as with alcohol, even cannabis varies considerably in types and strengths, and of course the stakes have now been raised with the advent of skunk.

Know The Difference! We don't refer to all brands of alcohol as beer, because some of it is not. Even though it is all alcohol, or at least it all contains alcohol, the names, type, taste, strength and effect all vary immensely. You might order a pint of beer, but you wouldn't order a pint of whisky or wine. The drinks have different protocols surrounding them because they are all different in design and purpose. Likewise, when you go to the bar to order a drink, you don't just ask for alcohol. You express some distinction and clarity in asking for what it is you want. The practice of distinguishing between the various forms of alcohol is appropriate and acceptable, and everyone knows the difference, but we don't do it with the various forms of drugs. We know the difference between the various forms of alcohol because we're brought up to know. We therefore don't make the mistake of going to the bar and asking for a pint of whisky! A little bit of education goes along way!

Don't Know The Difference! Just as with types of alcoholic drink, there is a big difference between the many different forms of cannabis. There is also a big difference between your average natural cannabis and skunk. Certain skunk strains have been engineered to be as potent as possible and the THC level (the psychoactive ingredient that gives you the high) is exceptionally high. Just as with alcohol, the concentration is measured in a percentage. The percentage content of THC in natural cannabis perhaps averages, similar to beer, two to five percent, a bit higher if it's really strong. However, just as with the difference between beer and spirits, skunk can have a THC content of twenty percent or higher. This high level of THC is achieved at the expense and reduction of another natural anti-psychotic balancing chemical, and this manmade imbalance and interference in the natural product is responsible for serious psychological issues that have now become prevalent in some young people who have smoked skunk on a regular basis.

Acknowledge The Difference! The fact is, whatever way you look at it, skunk is a different kettle of cannabis. Many regular cannabis smokers don't like to smoke skunk because it is too strong! They prefer natural hash or resin, because it doesn't waste them. However, the law has made it very difficult to get good quality hash and resin in this country. Why would organised gangs try and smuggle cannabis across borders when they can grow a lorry load of skunk under your nose just about anywhere in the UK? They don't even have to tend it themselves, they use illegal immigrants, or other cheap sacrificial labour. Of course that's not to mention all the little people growing it on a 'personal' scale at home. Have the police got the resources to deal with that? No, is the simple answer. They will chase their tail endlessly, get absolutely nowhere fast, waste colossal amounts of public money and walk all over people in the process! Not very clever really!

Forced To Backtrack! The strength and effect of skunk, and the fact that so many young people smoke it, forced the politicians to backtrack with the revised classification of cannabis. Unfortunately we have created a situation where skunk, the cannabis equivalent of moonshine, is mostly all that's available in the UK. Perhaps young people shouldn't be smoking cannabis at all, however, we all like a bit of fun and just as with alcohol, if teenagers get the chance, they often will. If you are going to let young teenagers have a drink it tends to be a shandy or a drop of lager. You don't generally go plying them with whisky and you wouldn't dream of giving them moonshine. However, in the cannabis world, you can't get the shandy or beer equivalent in the UK, but you can get plenty of made in England skunk.
Crosstalk by Taz: August 2015

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