Time for a New Political System...???

Little Faith: From time to time, people, aware of my interest and concern for social affairs, have said to me, "Perhaps you should go into politics!" However, like many, although I would like to see a better world, I have little faith in our current political system as it never seems to do the right thing by the people and even when something is obviously crying out so loudly for change, such as the entertainments' licensing laws, it still takes decades to get something done about it. It is pathetic!

Pretty Old: However, we have to understand that when our current political system was born, the most rapid form of communication was a piece of paper transported on horseback. Humm! That means it's pretty old and JUST A BIT outdated. It is therefore about time we had a rethink and implemented a more up to date system, which, coincidently, would allow much more say for the people that finance it. I.e. Joe and Jo Public! Now that I would be interested in!

Don't Bother Voting: Many of us don't bother voting nowadays because we are disillusioned and, quite frankly, we don't see the point. And quite frankly, that's because there isn't one. Although there are several party options, for many years, it has largely been a two party system, giving people a single choice between one lot or the other. However, regardless of who gets in, they never do what they say, or what the people want, and when they mess it up they just try and blame each other!

Do What They Like! Although the politicians like us to think we live in a democracy, we know full well that we don't, for once they get in they do just what they like, regardless, and without asking. It is patently obvious that they operate on a policy of telling us what we want to hear, in order to get us into bed and… well, I leave the rest to your imagination.

The Unhappy Button: In one such proposed new system the P.M. would not be Prime Minister, he or she would be People Manager. Their job would be to manage the people and keep us all happy. Everybody would have a red button (let's call it the unhappy button), which they would press if they were unhappy with their performance. If too many people press the red button at once, the P.M. would instantly go up in smoke, a bit like the drummer in Spinal Tap, and someone else could have a go. After a few P.M.'s had been 'vetoed' in this manner, they would soon be doing just exactly the right thing, and exactly what we wanted them to do.

All The Way To Brussels: If the system was successful, it could be extended all the way to Brussels. What a delightful thought! I can see us rubbing our hands with glee. Ok, even if we skip the up in smoke bit, the rest of it, in principle, is quite a good idea, for nowadays, courtesy of the internet and modern technology, it is possible for us all to have a vote and a say in general policy. In other words, we can run our own country and the politicians can just administer the will of people. Party time indeed! Hang on a minute, isn't that how it's supposed to be...??
Crosstalk by Taz: August 2012