Human Rights...??? When Is It Right...???

Inhuman Behaviour: Human rights! It's a bit of a buzz word isn't it! Yes, it's something that we all need to give consideration to, for in many parts of the world, as we know, there are very real problems and people are very badly treated and abused by others. This is something we all need to stand up against, because in so many cases, the abused parties simply do not deserve such treatment and it is usually thugs, tyrants, and the mentally deficient, that inflict such inhuman behaviour on other, more peaceful beings.

A Healthy Balance: However, as is often the case with our society in the U.K., especially now it's so badly infected by Europe, we just can't seem to get a healthy balance. Because although some people in the world very rightly deserve us to stand up for them, we now hear the expression 'human rights' coming out in the same sentence as child abuser, murderer, and violent criminal. Child abusers, murderers and violent criminals, bleating on about their human rights! What? Do they think THEY'RE hard done by? Has the world gone mad?? Surely we're not going to fall for that one? Apparently criminals even want the right to vote! Haha! Very funny! What is equally funny is that the European Court has actually overruled our own Government and the law of OUR land, at our considerable expense, in their favour.

Pale Imitation: Our sad, pale imitation of a democracy has become even paler and even sadder and EVEN LESS of a democracy with idiots poking their noses in from afar! Poking their noses into things which SHOULD NOT concern them! Things which should have nothing to do with them, because, after all, they don't even live here. However, we do, and we have to put up with all this ridiculous nonsense. Criminals live like princes in our jails as it is. They should take a look around the world and see what villains in other countries have to put up with before they bleat on about their treatment over here. Criminals in this country don't know they're born. They don't even have to earn they're own keep. They often inflict irreversible damage, distress, and heartache, on the lives of ordinary decent people, and then the ordinary decent people have to pay through the nose to round them up and keep them in cosy prison comfort for the duration of their sentence, while they don't lift a finger. I think that is bizarre enough as it is.

Do Have A Choice! The cost of criminality to the rest of us, in both financial and human terms, is more than considerable. We could all do without it! And, unlike their victims, criminals do have a choice! They don't have to do it! It is absolutely sickening to hear them bleating on about their human rights, when they have given absolutely no consideration to the feelings and rights of their victims. Most of us would agree that everybody is entitled to human rights. However, if you do not recognise, and have given no regard to the human rights of others, you should not expect, and do not deserve, to have your own acknowledged! It is that simple!
Crosstalk by Taz: July 2012