Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 6

Old Ha T! Various religions, or individuals, may give one the impression that you have to lead your life a certain way and that God is some sort of tyrant, punishing those who do not follow their particular creed or belief, or even that he rewards people for blowing themselves up in amongst crowds of innocent people. However, all these things are far from true. Bullies, those that oppress, hurt and walk all over others without a second thought, will undoubtedly be dealt with a certain way. But in matters that only affect the individual, it is completely up to us what we do. This is called freewill and it is perfectly acceptable to all evolved life forms, including God. People who do not respect this and abide by the laws of freewill in this world, including religions and governments, cause serious problems for us all and they still have much that they will eventually have to learn. Even before we get to where we’re going, all credible solid evidence thus far indicates that, as the word Torah implies, God likes to guide or teach and to lead by example. God does not oppress or impose his will and wants us to learn through living a full and varied life, where we can experience many different things for ourselves. In this modern age, this should not include being indoctrinated by ancient ways and rhetoric, the like of which at times are simply laughable and extremely old hat.

Par T: It is certainly true to say that we have all been given an experience on this planet of what happens when we don’t do it right. Are we impressed? Well, for most of us, no! However, life in our universe has been around for a very long time and our life programme on Earth is rather incredible and absolutely amazing, but there is even more to come! We have been promised life beyond this world, and although many people do not believe in this, it is only life-technology and not as far-fetched as we may think. Nevertheless, if we want share in what’s on offer, we have to learn the basics and reach a certain level of attainment ourselves. If we are below par, we will not qualify and would risk lowering the T ONE as well as causing problems for others. We don’t have to be superstars to be a PAR T, just average or about par! Not that difficult with a little effort!

T U Ring! Although mankind has been using cryptography and encryption for millennia, before the advent of Alan Turing, computers and all the associated concepts that have since evolved, including our internet, mankind would not have been ready for what is to come. Our technology and our understanding needed to reach a certain point of development. We have now reached that point and, consequently, we can understand the principles and some of the mechanics that we see at work in our life programme on Earth. Many of these principles and techniques we are now employing in our own, still rather primitive technology. As many people will already feel, this is a very apt time for some revelations and most of us, including our children, should be able to get the message, although I think it’s fair to say that with the greedy, selfish, childish mentality that currently dominates much of this planet, some people may not like to hear it. However, change in the form of growing up is in order to help sort out the utter mess we have made in this world and today’s technology and communications networks are vital ingredients to bringing about that change. Spreading the word and improving democracy, thus ultimately enabling the meek to inherit the Earth, as was promised!

The Enigma: In order to crack any code, we have to understand how it works. In previous paragraphs of this article and previous articles covered in the Crosstalk by Taz series, there have been some hints as to how the Enigma or word game works. Much of what we will uncover is deliberately related to things we have experienced in our past history and to everyday activities, such as education, sport, music and driving on the roads. We will not be able to cover every message and every encryption because there is so much of it, however, we can examine the basic principles of how the decoding works and use some notable examples to demonstrate those principles. We don’t need to be completely familiar with the delightful complexities of the cryptic crossword to begin to get to grips with decoding the Enigma, as a few simple principles can get us on the road to understanding some of it at least. I have heard people say that you can make anything you like out of words, but that is statement made in ignorance by people who do not understand codes or cryptic principles. As with any clue, or coded message, to get the right answer and not a meaningless result, you have to have the right key. Also, if you want to decode the message, just as with any code or crossword, you have to work at it to work it out. I would also add that, as in any instance in life, a willingness to keep an open mind whilst you examine any evidence is also important when you are trying to uncover the truth!

Crosstalk by Taz: November 2018
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