Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 5

Engineer Land: Although God’s original message to mankind was written in Hebrew, this time it has been written in English. Cleverly engineered, encoded and embedded in the modern language and land. When decoded, the message is very comprehensive and tells us in simple terms what life on Earth is about, what is expected of us as individuals, and how this can be achieved. It also explains why it is that we have had to put up with all that we have and indicates that now, having seen all that we have seen, it is time for us to decide what we want. It signifies that we will all be given that choice and that every man is free to choose for them self to go one way or the other. It uses analogies and parallels to help explain things and likens our aims and experiences in life, and what is expected of us, with everyday concepts we are all familiar with. This makes it very easy to understand, once you start to get the hang of it.

Human Technology: I think it’s fair to say that God’s word has been wildly misinterpreted in this world in many instances, either in translation or simply through difference of human opinion, driving wedges between different faiths and different beliefs, which should really all be united under the umbrella of the one true word of God. However, this is currently not the case and the true word of God is buried under a flesh of illusion, misunderstanding and even mockery, causing us considerable problems on this planet, as various peoples and organisations try and impose their own, sometimes even perverse, particular belief as to how things should be. We must also understand that the religious books of old that so much of our religion and belief is based upon, are just that. Old! And it is now time to bring our understanding up to date and in line with science and our modern understanding. This of course includes the understanding that we ourselves are technology, human technology. Biological machinery, extremely clever and extremely complex, as is all of the life programme that we see in action on this planet – and that is before we get to the spiritual life, or conscious energy.

Petty Differences: As one may expect, if thinking rationally, despite the belief of some religions that they are somehow exclusive where God is concerned, God is about all life and all good people, regardless of faith or belief. In fact, whatever we may happen to believe, when we come face to face with the truth, there can be no dispute. It somehow then makes all the petty differences of opinion that we see expressed in the name of religion, politics, or anything else, fade into insignificance, and those who set themselves up in the name of religion, purporting to know and preach the will of God, will probably be somewhat surprised themselves, as well as becoming properly informed at the same time. It is all too often, not what you think or are led to believe! In fact, so many people are under the misbelief that the Bible and the Koran are the only source and true word of God. However, we must at some point understand that although the Bible and the Koran may have been inspired by God, they have been written and translated by man over many centuries, and much of what is written is based on hearsay and interpretation. Some parts have, without doubt, been embroidered and embellished, fabricated and corrupted by man and man’s own ways of thinking, as is much of our religion.

With IT: Religion, in this world, is an absolute mess, much of it completely out of tune with itself and with God. At the extremes, people can be led to kill, mutilate the sexual organs of little children, or wear ridiculous clothing. Has God ever sanctioned killing, or the sexual mutilation of children, or told us how we must dress? Answer, no! Has he ever said that you can’t wear a condom to avoid pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, or can’t save a child with a blood transfusion? Answer, no! Has he ever told us what we can eat and what we can’t or that love and sex cannot be shared or enjoyed regardless of gender? Answer, no! These things and many other ridiculous ideas are not the word of God, they are the words of people who preach to suit their own archaic and misinformed ideas, and yet so many people are sucked in by it! It doesn’t put God in a good light! It is true to say that one has to reach a certain age of mental development perhaps before one can become privy to some things in life. The birds and the bees, the key to the door, being able to buy alcohol, watch adult movies, etc., all imply reaching a certain point in the age of one’s development and maturity before one is ready to participate in, or undergo certain experiences. Of course, this must be equally true for planets as it is for people. With all the mess we have seen on Earth, this planet still needed to reach a certain point in its maturity and its understanding, before it could be ready for its own coming of age and what is about to happen. But now, we have reached that time. Time to get up to date and with IT.

Crosstalk by Taz: October 2018
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