Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 4

Time For T! Apart from giving us all that we have been given on this planet, a very significant gift in itself, we have also been given advice on how to be over the years. However, religion has perverted much of this message from God and the people that worm their way into positions of political power are usually so arrogant, selfish and self-interested that they cause continual conflict and poverty for the ordinary people of the planet. It is true to say that, for human beings, the most complete understanding comes from experiencing bad things in life as well as good. Unfortunate as this may seem, this is a fact! Knowledge of both sides of the coin and both ends of the spectrum gives us benchmarks and perspective, helping us to make judgements and to better appreciate and respect many things in life. Life on Earth gives us a comprehensive taste of all sorts and, therefore, a fairly comprehensive education. Of course, considering this world is a kind of schoolroom, that is largely what it is designed to do. Nevertheless, Earth has been going through a considerable age of mess for some time now and many of us would dearly like to see some improvement, especially as now we’re living with the ever-present danger of nuclear weapons. When Jesus came to visit, 2,000 years ago, he happened to mention that, at some point, when the time was right, there would be some revelations, a second coming and a Day of Judgement! Perhaps then, 2,000 years on from that event, now is the time for T!

World = L Word: Back in 1985, an interesting article appeared in the Mail On Sunday. Written by Jonathan Margolis, it was entitled ‘IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD (and it was in code). The amazing story of how a computer may have proved the existence of God.’ The article was about a group of Rabbis decoding the Torah. The Torah consists of the first five chapters of the Old Testament, and it was originally written in ancient Hebrew. With the application of the mainframe computer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and five years’ work, they had discovered what appeared to be a coded pattern embedded in the original ancient Hebrew text. At the time they stated that, "The statistical odds against it being humanly written are impossible." However, they also felt that the time was not quite right to release the information and since then we have not heard much more about it. The Torah appears to be God’s first attempt, via Moses, at teaching mankind some of the basics of right and wrong. The word Torah is derived from a Hebrew word meaning to guide or teach and the three main religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all based on it.

God’s Truth: We have been told many things in the name of God. Understanding God’s word, has always been a case of interpretation, much of it based on very old books. As we know, interpretation in religion can be wildly different, hence the rather discordant mess. Some of it is seriously out of tune, with men who are completely tone-deaf simply making it up as they go along. However, one thing that has been made clear despite the idiots and lunatics that make a mockery of God in the name of religion, is that God is about good and God is about truth. But what exactly is the truth about God? With all the differences of opinion regarding God’s word or his opinion, it is hard for most people to ascertain anything for certain and the only way we will ever know what God thinks is if he actually makes the time to come and tell us himself. So, when exactly will we hear directly from God as we were promised? Well, God’s message is in fact, already here! Cleverly engineered and hidden in plain sight! The language this time, not ancient Hebrew, but Modern English!

Engineer Language: Some people consider the Modern English language to be the single most important, influential and universal language in the world today. From its origins as Primitive Old English, brought over to England by West Germanic invaders around 500 to 700 AD, it is now completely unrecognisable. The first significant transition began with the invasion of William the Conqueror (1066), giving rise to what we know as Old English, largely predominant between 700 and 1100. From around 1100 to 1500 it went through another transition to become what we know as Middle English. From around 1350 onwards, the English language began to undergo what is known as the Great Vowel Shift, affecting all dialects up and down the country, and producing a change in the way we pronounce our long vowels. This process started with the reign of the Plantagenets and continued on right through the Tudor Era, gradually sweeping across the whole country to produce what we now know as Modern English. As we know, English is quite a quirky language in many ways, however, within the English language, there is also something else quite quirky. An enigma! A message to humanity in the form of a cryptic code!

Crosstalk by Taz: September 2018
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