Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 3

Plan T age net: Over the centuries we have seen many good examples of how countries can be divided by indoctrination and upbringing. During the reign of the Plantagenets, England was divided and troubled by the so-called ‘War of the Roses’, also known as the ‘Cousins’ War’. Many people died during the various battles and skirmishes that took place during this period and, although everybody still liked to think God was on their side, those troubles were not about religion, they were simply about control of the Kingdom and the spoils on offer. It was a competition between two gangs, the House of York and the House of Lancaster. Ultimately, the death of Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth ended the reign of the Plantagenets and made way for the coronation of the previously exiled Henry Tudor, who was crowned Henry VII, heralding the beginning of the Tudor era. Probably the best example for us in the U.K. of serious troubles caused by belief and indoctrination of religion was then to come with the subsequent reign of his son, Henry VIII.

Pro T est: Because Rome and the Catholic church would not agree to the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, in protest, Henry VIII decided he should form his own church which would incorporate the facility for divorce and remarriage, providing more opportunity to father a son and heir. When Henry died, Edward, his one surviving son by Jane Seymour, who was raised a Protestant, took the throne at the age of nine. Edward was a sickly boy and died at fifteen, naming teenager Lady Jane Grey to be put on the throne in an effort to uphold the Protestant way. However, Henry’s eldest daughter, by Catherine of Aragon, Mary, had been gathering popular support and the Catholics saw this as their chance. Lady Jane Grey was ousted after just nine days. Mary died after ruling for five years, leaving Elizabeth, daughter by Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth had narrowly avoided execution because many of the Catholics at court saw her as a potential threat to Catholic dominance. Like her father and half-brother, Elizabeth wanted a true Church of England, free from the ties and dictatorship of Rome - Brexit! It is a tribute to her and her faithful aide, Walsingham, that she was able to overcome all that she did; including the defeat of the mighty Spanish Armada. A very interesting sequence of events in itself. Elizabeth 1st reigned for forty-four years and went on to become one of the most successful English Monarchs ever to rule. In that time, she took England from rags to riches and from conflict to peace and prosperity, giving rise to what became known as the Golden Age.

Plan T: Although it has turned out reasonably well for us in England, during those Middle Ages, the split from Rome and the Catholic church was responsible for considerable conflict and turmoil. Many people were killed and persecuted during the Reformation, the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and the years that followed, as people were indoctrinated into choosing between one side or the other. They were unable to simply live and let live and unable to make room for each other. A good example perhaps of how men use religion for power and influence, and ultimately make it up as they go along to suit themselves. Religion and such misguided indoctrinated behaviour has created much of the mess we see on this planet. In more recent times we have seen a similar divide and all the associated problems played out as a result of the situation in Northern Ireland, and of course, utterly ruthless people committing all sorts of atrocities all over this beautiful world in the name of Islam. How these people can be led to believe that they are right to behave in this way, and that this is agreeable with the peace-loving prophets and even God himself, boggles the mind, and yet they do.

T error! At some point we have to understand that all of the mess we see around us begins in our heads, as a result of the way we think and have been taught to think. Over the years, we have been badly indoctrinated, ill-advised, and simply taught in error about many things in life. Religion is a major factor in all of this! However, if we’re so stupid that we fall for it, we’ve only got ourselves to blame. We have been told enough times the simple ways of a good life and how to behave. Care, share, and be fair. It’s not exactly rocket science and yet many of the architects that control and manipulate religions do not even understand, or practice, these simple principles themselves. Most of all the problems we see, including the recent terror, start with these architects and with those that seize control and worm their way into political power. These are the people that must be put under the spotlight and face up to what they do. The architects and leaders of religions, the politicians, the prime ministers and presidents, and all the little people that surround them and suck up to them, serving their wishes at the continual expense of the ordinary people of this planet.

Crosstalk by Taz: August 2018
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