Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 2

CT = See Truth! It is fair to say that although there is only one right or best way and only one truth, it may appear differently depending on where you stand at any point in your life. It may also be obscured by faults and biases. Different perspectives and individual faults cause people to think differently. It is up to us to work out what is right. As we can see by the current mess on Earth, it isn’t always easy. This is why it is important to give consideration to all people and process all opinions because if you have left one out, it may be the one that rocks the world. The CT scan is a good example of this principle in action, as it takes a look from all the angles and then assembles the complete overall picture using all the information it has accumulated from all the different angles or viewpoints. If all people are not considered, the way will not fit the necessary criteria. That is, you could not swap places and be equally happy, just as we see on this planet at present.

Imposition Wrong: The mess that we have made on Earth is a reflection and manifestation of our own individual faults, as expressed by those that worm their way into positions of power but then fail to consider others. This is why all men should understand that it is crucial not be selfish, or to bully and impose your will, just because you think a certain way. The fact is, you may simply be wrong, and we’ve all been there. But whatever the case, it is everyone’s prerogative to make up their own mind up. The fact is, the true way fits all and there is no need to disagree about anything. The true way and the real light of truth is attractive and therefore, there is no need for imposition. People abide by it because it is best. There is no heat in pure light and no heat in the pure light of truth. Living within the light of truth and abiding by it is a very pleasant experience, unless perhaps you are full of disregard! The way forward and the way to tidy the mess is to expose and reveal the real truth and the right way. Not somebody’s lies or warped or self-interested opinion. However, once the truth is in the open, people must be prepared to abide by it and those that cannot agree to this will always create problems if they are allowed to do so. Therefore, some attention must be given to this.

The Simple Truth: As time goes on, our world is gradually getting to a point where there will be no hiding place for lies or wrongdoing. Technology will get to a point where criminals, that is people who commit acts resulting in victims, will have no chance of getting away with such crimes. Whistle-blowers and public feeling show that many people on Earth would prefer not to have to live in a world of lies, propaganda and imposition, manipulated by the untrustworthy and self-interested that worm their way into positions of power and authority. The way things have been in past years due to this kind of undesirable behaviour was covered in the Story Of Mankind. It was also said in that article that we now have a way to change things for the better. That way, is to get the truth into the open. Yes, it is that simple! However, it is one thing exposing the truth about ourselves and this world through new technology and a desire for transparency in society, but what about religion and the truth about God? What exactly is the simple truth when it comes to the opinion of God? With so many different religions all maintaining they know best and purveying different creeds, how can we know exactly what is right and exactly what God thinks? Also, what has God done to help?

T He Brew: Just like a good old cuppa, truth is a brew, an infusion of all things and the blend of that infusion is crucially important if we are to enjoy the taste of life. Everything we do, both good and bad, contributes to the brew. The final taste, and whether we like it or not, is therefore down to us, or at least that which we can affect. Truth is an undeniable constant for any one time but what may be true today may not be true for tomorrow. It is ever in a state of flux and yes, it is true to say that our planet is in a mess today, but tomorrow it could be very different if we wanted it to be so. We can all improve the truth about ourselves and we can all help to improve the truth about our planet. However, it all depends on how we regard the truth and whether we can face up to it and give it the importance that it needs in order to achieve that objective. Of course, truth doesn’t suit some people and there is a lot of selfishness in this world. People who try and deceive others, or who are not prepared to think about, or consider, other people’s feelings and opinions, or the state of this planet, will always be obstacles in the way to achieving this. Selfishness and deceit are undesirable qualities, scoring those individuals very low points and will reflect in everything they do in life. But, more to the point, as always, it will inevitably cause significant problems for the innocent of this world. So again, significant attention must be given to these areas!

Crosstalk by Taz: July 2018
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