Hebrew A Pot Of T - Part 1

Individual Belief: Individual nations, political parties, freedom fighters, resistance movements, various sects, various religions, there are many different groups of people out there. So many different clubs or gangs with so many different views, all vying to propagate their particular belief and all believing that they are right, as they try and promote their individual aims. Through various mechanisms, they try and encourage and attract others to become a part of their club, upping their membership, wealth, influence, and ultimately the power of the gang. In some cases, people are indoctrinated from birth, i.e. groomed from a young age, moulded and even forced to become a part of the faction they are born into. In some cases, when people are older, they are bought or hired with the promise of spoils or wages. In some cases, gangs impose their will, forcing others to adopt their particular belief and lifestyle, or to simply accept and conform, and punishing or killing those that are non-compliant or who don’t fit in. We have just about seen it all in this world, however, if something is attractive and appealing, you do not need to force people to join in. They will want to do so willingly!

The Same Mind As God! As we have seen over the years, the differences of opinion and the different views expressed by the various groups on this planet cause many problems, as individual nations and organisations vie and even fight to the death to try and promote their particular way and belief, or to wipe out any opposition. Although these differences of opinion cause us many problems and split mankind into many different entities around the globe, the common factor apart from us, is the fact that the divisions and disagreements are all based on belief and indoctrination, or programming. That is, they are all in the mind and are as a result of where we are born and the way we have been brought up or educated. What we have been told or led to believe. As we have seen, as human beings, what we come to believe at any one point in time, may not actually be the truth and it may not actually be right! Belief and truth can be very different and what we believe to be the truth, or right at any one time can and does change as we grow and our understanding grows with us. Once upon a time, people thought the Earth was flat. They also thought that the Earth was the centre of the universe. They thought that thunder was a result of the Gods being angry and they also thought that people should be burnt at the stake for having a different religious faith or no faith at all. Some still do. Simply put, if we were all in tune with the real truth, we would all be in agreement and all of the one mind! The same mind as God!

Know Better Than God! It is certainly fair to say that everyone should be entitled to make up their own mind and decide for themselves what is appropriate for them at any particular time in their life. As long as they are doing no harm to anyone else, this should be everyone’s God-given right and should be nobody else’s business. However, it seems that some people in this world think they better than God, including our own UK government, to say nothing of other governments or entities. Such people think they have the right to force others to think and behave a certain way, according to their own particular belief or desire, threatening them with violation, violence, incarceration and even death, if they dare to do otherwise! What we currently see on Earth is a considerable mess created by people who behave in this way, either because they think they know best, or because they are so selfish that they simply don’t care! They bully people and throw their weight around and cause considerable pain and resentment that results in significant problems and conflict. Hence the attraction of them trying to promote their gang to up their power and their bullying power, or to get the money, or control of public money, to be able to pay their armed forces and police forces in order to reinforce their position and the view that they choose to promote because it is all too often distasteful and unacceptable.

One Right Way! As far as mankind is concerned, we should understand that there is only one truth and only one right way! The rest is simply wrong! The right way suits everyone, whether they are on the receiving end or the giving end. You could quite easily swap places and you would still be equally happy. It meets all demands and considers everybody’s feelings. It is built on what we know to be right and has been assessed and compiled based on all the information we have had at our disposal and all the opinions on offer. This right way to live and to function includes the very life principles applied in our own makeup. Principles that enable us to exist and function. Failure to apply these principles causes breakdown. It is a lesson we all need to learn if we are to progress further. Some of us are currently failing dismally. However, there is still time for us to learn to readjust and do the right thing, but it is up to us, both as individuals and as a planet!

Crosstalk by Taz: June 2018
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