Our Criminal Justice System - It's Criminal! Part 8.

Healthy Being: It is a fact that we are all programmable devices. As a result we can be educated and trained to achieve great things. We can also be indoctrinated, misled and badly influenced. Most of us have heard the expression ‘you are what you eat’. Funnily enough, this is equally true with information. You become what you are fed! In other words the experiences and information you take in have a massive bearing on your persona and ultimate being. Of course the goal to a healthy being is for us to know, out of all the information we take in, what is beneficial to keep, believe and abide by and what is not. Without going into this too much, let’s just say that if we feed our children too much bullshit, we cannot expect the best out of them. This world certainly has enough bullshit already and it starts right at the very top! Governments and leaders of countries have a lot to answer for, and their corruption and inability to be trusted and get on has done the world absolutely no favours.

Simple Rules: Currently many people in this world grow up thinking that it’s clever to rip people off because it’s ‘the way of the world’ and fair game to do so. This demonstrates what a screwed up world we live in and how badly we are currently faring. If there is a way to improve things, in any area, it is through learning to be better and do better, and that comes down to education and training. The rules of life are very simple. Don’t hurt anyone and don’t touch their things without permission! We can elaborate, of course, but even a child can understand this in basic. Those that choose not to abide by these simple rules know they are doing wrong but generally don’t care. Therefore, looking at the harm they do to innocent people as they carry on regardless, should we care about them? In my book, you get treated as you treat others and punishments should fit crimes, however, they often don’t. Politicians simply do not take crime seriously enough on behalf of its victims, or take sufficient preventative measures. Countless additional lives have been lost and victims created through our political failure to act sufficiently in dealing with crime. Knife crime, sex crime, fraud, theft, burglary, etc.! If we put our emphasis in the right places we could have a marvellous police force addressing and taking care of real crime, and a criminal justice system that instils and deserves respect, yielding a nicer, safer society for all. However, this appears to be asking a little too much from our politicians who, as usual, live in a world of their own; where they lack empathy and understanding and fail to care about, or recognise, what they should be doing for the best. Of course, bad motivation also rules!

Less Than Qualified! When I look around the world, I see perhaps a few decent people in politics but most of the clever well-meaning people in this world get into science, engineering, IT, medicine, music, the arts, etc. It’s all too often the egotistical, self-interested, power-hungry and corrupt that get into politics. This basically means that the real brains and decency in any country goes to waste when dealing with social management issues, whilst the decisions are made by those undeniably less than qualified. Yes, funnily enough, politicians are not very qualified at all! In fact you don’t need any morals, or to pass any exams to become a politician. Even to be a prime minister. The only requirement necessary to get into power and further your interests in politics is a qualification in bullshit and politicians are always good at that. They live in a world where the policies they implement, or don’t as the case may be, rarely affect their lives. Yes, they are massively out of touch, which is why we really do need a new political system to account for the feelings and wishes of those of us that do live in the real world. A click of the mouse can run the house and the ignorant dictatorial dinosaurs, fossils, old hats and sticks in the mud can be consigned to the past where they belong. There are actually some very good ideas out there but politicians currently get in the way. The recent ructions over Brexit have revealed just how farcical things really are. Sulking, resigning, falling out, arguing, backstabbing, party political meltdown! Yes, I think if we ever want to improve our society and eradicate criminal activity, it’s definitely time for a change indeed! Starting at the very top!
Crosstalk by Taz: November 2016