Our Criminal Justice System - It's Criminal! Part 7.

Educate With Truth: Truth is really important and when it comes to education we should be more open and honest with what it is we are trying to achieve and what goes wrong when we fail. Crime is bad! We don’t want it in our society. Let’s put our cards on the table and do what we have to do to stop it. People can gain a lot of insight and empathy from seeing the results from a victim’s perspective. It is very true to say that criminals often don’t understand the impact that their actions have on their victims. One way of gaining some appreciation of vile behaviour is to be on the receiving end. A taste of your own medicine works for many and can soon make you realise the error of your ways. Although funnily enough, people who don’t mind dishing it out don’t usually like getting it. Nevertheless, karma and justice appear to dictate that this is perhaps the ultimate way of our universe. Empathy programmes have been tried with considerable success. Allowing criminals to meet their victims and talk about the experience and the way it made them feel imparts some understanding. Not everyone is beyond reach, beyond compassion and beyond empathy, but some need help to achieve the necessary understanding and perspective. It would be less painful and considerably more efficient if we could induce some of that understanding and empathy before the crime rather than after.

Greed Is A Crime! Many serious problems and countless victims are created in this world by a crime that is currently not even recognized or understood to be a crime. Greed! Greed is the most widespread criminal activity on this planet and it results in more victims, by far, than any other crime. Greed also causes a psychological and fundamental resource imbalance that contributes greatly towards, and encourages, other criminal activity. Those in charge and in the upper echelons of society think that this is acceptable, but then many of them, to one degree or another, are criminals themselves and they use their own positions to benefit themselves and their friends. It is a well-known fact that much of the aid given to other countries is siphoned off by corrupt officials who will spend it on expensive cars and properties with marble and gold-plated taps while the people it was intended for go without. Those at the top everywhere it seems are quite happy to spend public money on unnecessarily excessive and lavish lifestyles for themselves and their friends whilst those they are supposed to serve and look after struggle to survive. In recent times even our own governments have been cheating the people in order to benefit themselves and their supporters, those in the Con Club! It seems that those that worm their way into high up positions cannot help themselves from helping themselves! Is that the attraction one wonders? Of course they try and make it sound like they’re doing you a favour but they’re taking advantage and having you over at the same time.

Out Of Balance: Although we cannot justify crime in any way, it is possible to see and understand that some crime in this unfairly managed dog eat dog world is often motivated by an urge to try and redress the balance between the haves and the have-nots. If things were fairer and more balanced, everyone was looked after and considered, and those at the top could be trusted to do the right thing and set a good and fair example, it would go a long way towards achieving a feel good factor which would greatly help to eliminate criminal activity. Sadly for some people, even having copious amounts of wealth does not stop them from still exploiting others and trying to amass more. They don’t care who they tread on. Greed is a completely unjustifiable crime contrary to the very principles that give us life and it greatly contributes towards a diseased planet. The sooner we understand that and deal with it, the better and healthier this planet will become! Trust, a moral education, and understanding that greed is wrong, are not the province of religion or a Sunday school education, as some people may think, they are the province of basic everyday human education and sensible life management. It’s common decency, facilitating efficiency, health and safety, high morale and the feel good factor for all of a well-oiled and nicely balanced machine. Isn’t that worth something?
Crosstalk by Taz: October 2016

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