Our Criminal Justice System - It's Criminal! Part 5.

Nurturing Scumbags: The rate of execution of crimes up and down the country is currently staggering and quite overwhelming. Incidents literally notch up as the seconds tick by. Many of the new generation of home grown criminals have all got one thing in common. They are all selfish ignorant young people that have come up through the 'you can't touch me' educational system with a chip on each shoulder and think the world owes them a living. They exhibit a very unhealthy lack of respect and stick their fingers up to the law and we currently encourage and facilitate this. If it's one thing that gives good people some satisfaction, it's when scumbags get their comeuppance, hence the appeal of many movies, where the baddy finally gets what's coming to him. However, in real life, although we hear the rhetoric from the politicians, "Yes, we'll get tough on crime!" As usual, they fail to deliver. Matters have been made worse by the cutting back and over stretching of our existing police force. Police presence is now often non-existent, local nicks are a thing of the past, and the institution of care in the community means that the police are even called upon to pick up the pieces for people with psychiatric problems. Most police personnel don't join the force to be wiping backsides and administering psychiatric aid, they join and are trained to help catch criminals and reduce crime. Most of us know that. Do the politicians not? Let social workers and mental health specialists sort out the people that need psychiatric help and let the police do their proper job and concentrate on crime. That would better suit the police and the public alike!

Scumbag Rights: It is a fact that politicians have a problem managing the real world because they don't actually live in it. However, those of us that do live in the real world are touched and affected by such events and realities every day, and it would be nice to see something done about it. Many of us are fed up with the continuous stream of verbal slurry and empty words that spew from politician’s mouths as they try and look good. It's not what you say it's what you do that counts. So let's get real and start dealing with crime properly. Stop pussy-footing around and show criminals that, in fact, crime doesn't pay. If you commit real crime and leave victims in your wake, you will have to pay, and pay properly. No stroll in park, no cakewalk, no short sentences, no free rides. If you want to be a scumbag and cause upset for ordinary decent people you deserve everything you get. Don't bleat on about rights because you won't have any. There is no such thing as scumbag rights. If you want rights, be a decent human being and then you'll deserve some. We’re all free to choose. We all know the difference between right and wrong but some people don’t care. That is a fact and until they do, there is no need to pander to, and care about them! Let’s save our caring for the decent people in society and protect and look after those that deserve it. That, in my book, does not include criminals who have chosen of their own free will to do what they do without a second thought for their victims!

No Comment! Criminals get far too much of their own way as it is. Some things are simply ludicrous. Obstructing a police inquiry is a criminal offence and yet we allow criminals to do just this and avoid answering questions in the interview room with ‘no comment’. If you’ve been arrested as a suspect, there are two possibilities. You are either innocent, or you are guilty. No investigation is helped by allowing suspects to be deliberately awkward and so avoid answering questions and accounting for their movements or actions. Every man needs to understand that we are all accountable in this world. If suspects are innocent they will have nothing to hide. If they are guilty the police can get to the bottom of things more quickly and save the taxpayer some money. In being obligated to answer they will either tell the truth or they will lie. Either way it will expedite proceedings and make it easier to establish guilt or innocence. It is about time that we did get tough on real crime and real criminals and instil some real respect for the law and for what is right! We’d being doing everyone a huge favour, including the criminals because, beyond this world, there is no future in crime!
Crosstalk by Taz: July 2016

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