Our Criminal Justice System - It's Criminal! Part 1.

Misplaced Emphasis: Crime affects us all and our criminal justice system costs us a lot of money. It’s not bad, compared to some, but it is still a bit mixed up at times. It behaves like a criminal itself, persecuting people who are not criminals and at the same time fails to properly help and support countless victims of real crime. It encourages some criminals, giving them a virtual license to carry on, and lets others off the hook, offering insufficient deterrents. ‘Consequences’ the criminals themselves find laughable. Because we are confused, we are seriously encouraging the growth and proliferation of real crime, adding to a multitude of victims, whilst misplacing colossal amounts in funding actions that are contrary to moral law. Our criminal justice system is therefore giving out completely the wrong message on several fronts and not earning or instilling the necessary respect for the law that it should. In order to help correct this, the law and our criminal justice system has to become properly and morally just, understand what constitutes a real crime, get its financial emphasis in the right places and take measures sufficient to properly deal with real crime and real criminals.

What Is A Crime? First of all it is important that we understand what should constitute a crime. A crime is an act that results in a victim. A crime is not a difference of opinion, belief or lifestyle choice. At the moment our very own, largely respectable police force, is still acting just like the Nazis did. Unquestioningly following orders and persecuting people for being different, having a different belief, opinion, or lifestyle choice. We must at some point properly understand that in a world where every man and woman is entitled to freewill, there can be no crime unless there is a victim. Arresting or harassing people for anything less is persecution and an immoral act. In our society such actions, which are basically bullying, intimidation and persecution, inspire no respect for the authorities and cause a backlash of ill will and resentment. If there is a lack of respect for the authorities there will be a lack of respect for the law. That is the first faux pas.

Easy Pickings: Whilst we are doing this, we are allowing the spread of a criminal activity and anti-social disease which has become the fastest growing crime in the country. Fraud! Due to the blasé and impotent misappropriated attitude of the law, many criminals now see fraud as a road to easy pickings. Fraud is actually theft achieved using a different mechanism. Deliberate fraud is deliberate theft. That is if you set out to deliberately make financial gain from someone by using devious and underhanded means, i.e. lying and cheating, you are essentially stealing from them and as guilty as if you had just lifted their wallet or purse. However, currently the law does not agree and does not take it seriously. In fact the law is completely disinterested and does not even recognise or acknowledge much of this type of criminal activity as a crime. It simply gives victims a sympathetic but polite brush off and by doing so it gives the criminals a green light and a blessing to carry on robbing people in this way.

Real Criminal Behaviour: Criminals are currently using many different types of mechanism to achieve monetary gain through fraud, however, they all involve lying, cheating, and misleading people to steal money or goods. As a result the many victims will end up losing anything from hundreds to thousands of pounds. While the CJS and the law allocate £8 billion a year or more to persecute people for a difference of opinion and personal lifestyle choice, this kind of real criminal behaviour, which can have devastating consequences, especially for elderly people, is allowed to go on completely unchecked. Fraud is now a massive problem, currently costing us an estimated £50 billion a year, and unsurprisingly, it’s on the rise. Fraud is not the only real crime that is underrated, under addressed and under dealt with but it is perhaps currently the most notable. With the advent of the internet, countless other ways to fraudulently rob people and the state giving a virtual blessing to criminals in the form of little or no consequence, it has become a very attractive game for criminals to play!
Crosstalk by Taz: March 2016

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