The Creature - Part 3

As time passed by, the creature became very shrewd and underhanded. To feed its insatiable appetite for the money that it so often wasted, it would deliberately under provide on parking in locations that it knew people needed to access. Places such as local shops, schools, banks and takeaways. The creature's wardens would then suddenly appear out of nowhere and suck the money out of people as they were challenged to try and park while they nipped into a shop, or the bank, or dropped the kids off at school. The creature was happy as the wardens captured more and more victims, sucking them dry. As time went on the creature implemented more and more parking restrictions and painted more and more yellow lines. This made life even more difficult for the people. There were more people in the kingdom now and people needed more parking space, not less. What was the creature playing at? But the creature knew full well what it was doing and it knew people would be caught out trying to park and its cyber-slaves would be out there, waiting to pounce. The creature was now so rotten it began to stink and its stench could be smelt for miles as it spread right across the kingdom. But the creature didn't care. It revelled in its own stench, laughing insanely, as it rubbed its tentacles all the way to bank.

In the land known as the Borough of Becrossley, the creature was particularly ruthless and mercenary and banned pavement parking right across its dominion there. Even though this was highly impractical and inconvenient and much of the time less safe for the people and their vehicles, the creature realised it could send out its army of cyber-slaves to suck the money out of those people caught in the trap. The creature knew that people simply had to park on the pavement sometimes, for the pavements were often too wide and the roads too narrow, otherwise vehicles got damaged and couldn't get past each other. Visitors to the land of Becrossley were not used to the creature's rule there, for it was not the same as in other parts of the kingdom, and they too would get unwittingly caught by the wardens, who were ready and waiting to ambush them and suck all their money.

As the creature carried out its mad schemes, it made travelling in the kingdom more and more difficult and life gradually became impossible for the people. People were continually getting in each other's way and it took longer and longer to get anywhere. The creature also often made the school children go to school miles and miles away and so even more traffic was crammed onto the roads to try and get the kids to and from school, whereas really, they should have been able to go to a school somewhere close, and even walk there and back. The creature was cruel and heartless and preferred to waste the people's money on messing up the roads. To make matters worse, the people had to put up with ever present road works in various locations that seemed to go on and on. People knew they had to be done, but so much of the time there was no one even working on them. The creature certainly didn't rush to get jobs done. With all the other limitations and complications the creature had imposed, traffic would at times become so congested the kingdom virtually ground to a halt. Sometimes there would be an accident and there would be no escape. At such times people just sat helplessly in queues and queues of traffic for hours and hours on end. Over the years businesses lost millions of pounds and people missed all sorts of appointments, as nobody could get where they needed to be on time. Everything the creature did seemed to make it harder and harder for people to go about their business and get where they needed to be.

The creature seemed to have no respect for the people that had fed and nurtured it. It was now so powerful and ruthless it would do just what it wanted to. The creature always had its own agenda and could not bring itself to have consideration for the people's feelings or their points of view. It simply walked all over them, laughing insanely. When the people protested because they were upset, the creature sometimes pretended to consult them, just to shut them up. But, the creature knew in its heart that it had already decided what it was going to do and was just feigning. The creature was at times very devious and over the years it did many things that upset the people. Blinded by its control complex, megalomania, arrogance and complete insanity, the creature continued ruthlessly to trample on them. However, what the creature didn't realise was that continually abusing the people and their trust, and making life more difficult for them would eventually become the creature's downfall. The creature would have to be tamed and control restored to where it rightfully belonged - with the people. Otherwise, ultimately, there would be no option, the creature would have to be taken down! The people plotted their revenge...
Crosstalk by Taz: May 2015