The Creature - Part 1

Once upon a time, mankind created the creature. The creature was supposed to serve mankind but the creature badly let down those it was supposed serve. Mankind thought he could tame the creature and keep it under his control. He thought that the creature would be loyal and serve him faithfully. However, the creature had other ideas. It could not be tamed and the creature turned the tables on mankind, becoming a ruthless and domineering monster, walking over anyone in its path. The creature became so powerful it could do anything it liked. Just on a whim, it would spend the people's hard earned money without a second thought for their consideration. Things the people wanted they didn't get, and things they didn't want, they did, as the creature went ahead frivolously spending all their money on mad schemes and idiotic ideas that demeaned the quality of their lives. The creature spent huge amounts on useless things and the people were powerless to stop it. To help fund its madness the creature would squeeze the people until some of them burst. For those who just could not pay, the creature would send round its army of servants to bully them and take away their possessions. The creature became ruthless and relentless in its efforts, as it craved more and more money to pave the road to its total domination of those that it was once supposed to serve.

As the creature craved more and more money to fund its crazy ideas, it cut back on essential things that the people really needed and starved the people of sensible and useful infrastructure. The creature, in its madness, would not allow people to use their common sense. It wanted to have complete control over them, telling them when to move and when not to move. However, the creature was not as clever as it thought it was, and the things the creature did in its effort to have complete control over people, made life worse for the people as they could not get where they needed to be without getting in each other's way and blocking each other's paths. To make matters worse, the creature took away more and more of the people's open space as it tried to cram more and more people into the kingdom. People became squashed and did not have room to move or stretch their legs and the children were deprived of their adventure playgrounds. Life under the creature became more and more difficult and still the creature was merciless in its pursuit of money.

The creature would send out its army of wardens. Mindless cyber-slaves, dehumanised and brainwashed, they were programmed to prey on the unsuspecting people at every opportunity. At all times of day and night the cyber-slaves would be out there stalking potential victims. Hiding in alleys and behind lampposts, waiting patiently, they would then pounce, ensnaring their victims and then suck the money out of them. The creature's insatiable appetite for money led to the cyber-slaves hunting more and more victims. Nobody was safe at anytime and people feared the creature and its cyber-slaves in case they too would become ensnared and have the money sucked out of them. People lived on the edge, constantly looking over their shoulders, for everyone knew that the wardens could suddenly appear, as if by magic, out of nowhere, and suck the money out of them. Fear of not being able to go about one's business spread right across the kingdom as the wardens hunted them down day and night.

The creature even constructed itself mechanical robots that were driven by the wardens. The robots would travel around the kingdom looking for victims to snap. Stalking their victims, the robots would sit patiently, completely motionless, waiting for unsuspecting people to come along. Then in a flash they would snap them as they dropped their kids off at school or popped into a shop. The creature would then send notice through the post that they were to have the money sucked out of them. If the victims refused to comply with the creature's demands, the creature would send round its army of servants to bully them and steal their possessions. The creature showed no mercy to its victims. People sometimes tried to plead with the creature, for they felt they had been treated unfairly, but the creature was not interested. It became more and more unapproachable, hiding away in its lair. Some people pleaded because they had no money left to suck, begging the creature for mercy and forgiveness. However, the creature had no heart and could not feel compassion. If they couldn't pay on time the creature would demand to suck even more money out of them. If they had no more money to suck, it would take away their possessions, leaving them with nothing but an empty shell. The creature had become a heartless, soulless monster, completely out of control and was making life very miserable for the poor downtrodden people. Life for the people had reached an all time low, becoming more and more impossible under the creature's tyrannical rule.
Crosstalk by Taz: March 2015

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