Moped Mugging

Police Protecting And Safe Guarding The Moped Muggers As They Continue Their Criminal Rampage

I was watching a programme about crime in the capital and one of the instances covered was moped mugging. Criminals that ride around on mopeds and motorbikes snatching mobile phones and handbags, etc, from unsuspecting members of the public. They then make their escape on their two wheels.

Whilst one particular moped-mugger was being chased by a police car in this programme, the moped mugger took off and threw away his crash helmet. I was gob-smacked to hear the policeman then say that the mugger had done that deliberately because he knew now the police were not allowed to continue the chase since he was not now wearing a crash helmet.

What??? For goodness sake! Who on Earth came up with this stupid regulation? This guy is a criminal. He's just robbed somebody causing them considerable heartache, stress and inconvenience and now you're just going to let him get away just in case he falls off and hurts himself? My God! If he falls off his moped and bashes his head in, tough! HE SHOULDN'T BE DOING IT! If he falls off and bashes his head in, great, it'll be one less scumbag to have to worry about. One less potential mugger means less potential victims and less public money wasted on police and judicial system resources. When are we going to start putting our emphasis on protecting the decent people in society instead of pandering to and protecting the criminals and letting them get away with it? My God, no wonder they have an easy ride when we've got people telling the police to let them get away!