"We must believe in the law, but we must also be able to believe we can get it right!"

Laws Are Fluid! Over the years there have been a considerable number of examples of laws which we thought were right at the time. Just because it is the law doesn't necessarily mean it is right. The laws of any land are fluid and evolve as time goes on, reflecting man's ability to understand and behave more reasonably as his understanding grows. In many areas, we still have a lot to learn!

Right And Wrong? Some examples of how outdated and absurd the law can be are listed below, and if you look into it you will find many examples of laws that most of us nowadays would agree are simply ludicrous. A clear demonstration perhaps that, as far as right and wrong is concerned, sometimes we simply do not get it right ourselves. Such laws are often far more of a crime and an injustice than the so called crimes themselves! The age old saying that the law is an ass has plenty of substance and can certainly still be as true today as it ever was!

Illegal To Be Homosexual: It used to be illegal to be homosexual in the U.K., as if people have a say in it. However, if you acted on the feelings you were blessed with, your natural course in life could lead you to imprisonment, and at one time, even the death penalty. Times, and the law, in this area, have changed. Thank goodness!

The Contraceptive Pill: Not so long ago it was illegal in this country for the contraceptive pill to be prescribed to anyone who wasn't married. It was also illegal to have an abortion.

Illegal To Have An Abortion: Up until 1967 it was illegal to have an abortion, even if you had been raped. The history of this law and some of the facts surrounding its reform makes quite interesting reading.

Attempted Suicide: Attempted suicide was punishable by imprisonment up until 1961, when it was decrimininalized.

Death Sentence For Being Gay: In Iran being gay is still punishable by death, as it used to be in this country. A man can be sentenced to death simply for loving another man and acting on it. However, in this country you can abduct a young girl, sexually interfere with, and murder her, and repeat this behaviour as many times as you can get away with it before you are caught and still not be sentenced to a death penalty. How contrasting and mixed up is that?

Double Jeopardy: Where the weight of evidence is insufficient to secure a prosecution at a trial, but it later becomes evident that the person on trial was guilty, there is absolutely no doubt that the law should permit a retrial and further prosecution of the guilty party. However, the double jeopardy law ruled out trying somebody for the same crime twice, even though it may have become evident beyond possible doubt that the person was guilty. This ridiculous piece of legislation, which was at last abolished between 2003 and 2005, could hardly be seen to be right in a fair, efficient and just legal system and yet it was allowed to rule in UK law for 800 years.

Stoning Of Unmarried Mums: At the time of Jesus, Jewish law prescribed death by stoning for unmarried mums. This law still seems to be applicable and practiced in some places, likewise for adultery too.

Women Not Entitled To A Divorce: Jewish law still currently states, even in this day and age, that only men can initiate a divorce in marriage. Women do not have the same rights and even though they may wish obtain a divorce, if the man doesn't agree, they have no entitlement under the current Jewish law. This is still true even if though they may have been separated for many years.

Drugs And Personal Choice: The law in the U.K. says you can drink alcohol, and even with all the problems that it causes including premature death for some, this is an acknowledgement of a person's fundamental right to choose for them self. The law also says you can smoke tobacco, even though it's highly addictive, not at all good for you and could, likewise, lead to an early demise. Up until a few years ago, the law said you were allowed to poison other people with the resultant noxious fumes in pubs, club and restaurants, and even though this was disagreeable to the people being poisoned, it was still seen as ok by the law. However, the same law says you cannot smoke cannabis or take other comparable drugs even in your own home. Even where you are affecting no other, and are in your own personal space, you cannot exercise the same personal choice without breaking the same law.

Get Locked Up For Defending Your Home: If you defend your home and family against burglars or intruders, you can be liable to imprisonment if you ending harming or killing one. Common sense says that if someone breaks into your home and presents a threat to you and your family, they have put you in that position through their own actions and choice, therefore if they come a cropper - tough! No one should be prosecuted for defending their own home, property and family against an aggressor. That is why we had to fight the Second World War!

Squatter's Rights: If squatters take over your house, the law says they are entitled to stay there and you are not even allowed to enter your own house. You have to follow a lengthy court process, which can take weeks or even months, to get them evicted. The squatters can even change the locks so as to prevent you gaining access with your own keys. They can cause much inconvenience, damage and mess and this all becomes the owner's problem simply because of the way the law currently is. This can cost the home owner thousands of pounds in legal fees and repair and cleanup costs when the squatters are eventually evicted.