Elderly Lady Ripped Off By Two Con-Men

Far Too Typical: This is another heartbreaking (and far too typical) story of an elderly lady living on her own being robbed of her savings by two low-lives. A caller presents himself at the front door and holds up identification saying he is an official from the Waterboard and he thinks that she has got an airlock in her supply. Not recognising things for what they are, and taking him at his word, she allows him into her kitchen where he proceeds to chat to her and run the cold water tap. Whilst all this is happening, and shielded by the noise from the running tap, an accomplice sneaks through the open front door and up the stairs to her bedroom.

Experience Very Traumatic: Once in her bedroom he rifles through her things finding both her purse and her saving's tin, the contents of which, along with her purse he removes from the premise as he makes his escape. The trauma of this experience, as well as upsetting and unnerving her significantly, triggered her deafness, and now she can't hear the phone or the front door. She also cannot hear the television set unless it is on full volume, and likewise, cannot hear the neighbours banging on the wall to tell her to turn it down. Experiences like this can be enough to finish an elderly person altogether. I wonder whether the people who commit these crimes can even partially comprehend what they are doing or whether they are simply beyond caring.

Story Not A One Off: This story is not a one-off. It is a trend that has repeated itself hundreds of times in many different locations, regularly catching elderly people unaware. For some reasons the low-lives that carry out these crimes seem to think that elderly people are fair game and that this is an appropriate way to behave. Well, what can one say? The Government should be doing more to make elderly people aware perhaps, because this scenario still unfolds on a daily basis. The message is simple. Do not let anyone unexpected in without official confirmation. Official companies do not make a habit of just turning up on your doorstep without prior written notification. Therefore, if it happens, don't let them in, keep the front door shut, and telephone the relevant company or the police. If they are genuine they will not mind waiting, and if they are not genuine, they will move on.

Society Must Do More! This soft society, with its current lack of sanitary measures, is purely a breeding ground for all sorts of germs, and so it will go on until we decide that enough is enough and undertake, once and for all, to clean up our society. Rubbish needs to go to the tip! However, you can't lock everyone up. At some point we have to give some thought to prevention and ask ourselves why people see fit to behave like this. It's because they have something missing and it should be society's responsibility to put it back perhaps by creating a society and world where people grow up to be more caring and have some respect. If society doesn't care, we can hardly expect other people to. Especially those that don't have enough intelligence to realise that two wrongs don't make a right!

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