Remove Sweets From Supermarket Checkout?

UK Obesity Crisis: A call for supermarkets to remove sweets from the checkout. It is perfectly understandable why supermarkets put sweets there, and parents, as a result, are all too often inclined to succumb to the pester power of kids while they're trying to pack the shopping. Plus, if you yourself have a weakness for chocolate, it may just be a bit too irresistible. However, the UK is currently heading for an obesity crisis which will ultimately cost the NHS and the taxpayer billions of pounds. This is to say nothing of the impact on individuals with all the problems they can incur through becoming overweight or incurring diabetes.

Drug Dealers At The School Gates: By behaving in this manner we are not being very fair or conscientious, and we are making it very difficult for parents if we keep shoving racks of temptation in front of the kids. The Government perhaps need to take more responsibility, as do we all. We don't like it when drug dealers stand at the school gates pushing their wares on young people and perhaps we shouldn't be doing it with sweets. Everyone needs to be more aware perhaps of the ramifications of such things. The consequences of obesity are extremely serious for individuals, as in fact it is for our economy.

People Before Profit: Would such a simple move by the supermarkets show that, for once, someone out there in the commercial world can put the health, the profit of the nation, and the welfare of the NHS, before the size of their own fat wallets? Which are already obese enough!