A Two Day Break For Christmas?

A call for large shops and shopping centres to be closed for the whole of Christmas Day and Boxing Day...

Overly Greedy! Christmas is commercial enough as it is, and mums, especially, spend weeks rushing about getting it organised. It is pretty bad then that they don't even get the whole two days off before the commercial exercise all kicks off again. Apart from obvious essential services, it is a disgrace that people are required to work on Boxing Day, just because such retail outlets are overly greedy and apparently have too little respect.

Two Days Off! Sales can simply begin the day after Boxing Day and that way we all enjoy the real spirit of Christmas for two whole days. It's not a lot to ask for a special time once a year! I agree, it may be difficult to know what to call the sales, as 'The Day After Boxing Day Sales' doesn't have quite such a fluid ring about it, however, we shouldn't let that put us off. Christmas disappears quickly enough as it is, if everybody gets used to the idea of a two day holiday, it wouldn't really hurt - would it?