Consumer Affairs

Say No To Boxing Day Sales?
A call for large shops and shopping centres to close for the whole of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, thereby restoring the full two day holiday. This would mean the Christmas sales to start on December the 27th. Surely the breadheads can wait another 24 hours for the sake of something that is not actually supposed to be about money. After all, Christmas isn't just about getting the tills ringing is it?

Remove Sweets From Supermarket Checkout?
The UK is heading for an obesity crisis, of which sweets play a big part. Due to the health risks associated with smoking and so as not to encourage young people, cigarettes are no longer openly on display. Perhaps we should therefore not be pushing sweets on people, or any other products associated with health risks, by placing them under their noses!

Abolish The Limit On Pills at the Supermarket
A call to abolish what most people see as the ridiculous limit on packets of pills that you can buy in single purchase in with your shopping. Whatever idiot thought this was a good idea should find themself a job doing something that doesn't require brains and consideration, because they obviously do not realise that this is a gross inconvenience and a complete waste of time, plus most adults do not appreciate being treated like children. If you going to stock up on pills for a suicide attempt, this small minded curfew on the number of packets you can buy in any one transaction is not going to stop you. For a start you can go in and out of any shop as many times as you like, so all it does is inconvenience the consumer and embarrass the checkout assistant, and of course make more money for the pharmaceutical companies, as they can now sell you lots of little packets at twice the price, rather than one big one. Let's do away with denying people their rights and let's do away with underhanded corruption. Oh, and while we're at it, let's do away with idiots making petty rules, probably on a very good salary, paid for by us!

Direct Debit Cap
Implement a ban on companies helping themselves to the money in your bank account over and above the agreed amount of your direct debit without your express permission…

Terms & Conditions
A call to revise and simplify the terminology used by companies regarding terms and conditions. Virtually nobody reads the terms and conditions, even if you can be bothered, who has the time? We should be able to trust the firms we deal with and they should be trustworthy. If they're not they shouldn't be in business. It would be better perhaps to have a revision of the terminology when installing software or signing anything to read or include something like "I have not read the terms and conditions but am prepared to trust that they are honourable". That way we wouldn't be being forced to lie every time we tick the box that says I have read the terms and conditions. Let's face it, life is too short!

Westminster Recliners / UK Mobility Direct / Anchor Mobility Limited
This morally bereft outfit, operating under different names, is blatantly lying and ripping off the elderly and the disabled...

Fresh Guarantee On Exchange Of Faulty Goods?
A call for shops and manufacturers to give a fresh and complete guarantee with any faulty goods that are exchanged within their guarantee period. If an item has a year's guarantee and needs to be replaced because it has broken, the new replacement item should come complete with a new and fresh year's guarantee. At the moment, manufacturers and shops often try and get out of this and if the replacement goes wrong as well, you can find that even though it's less than a year old, they will tell you that the guarantee has expired, because they will only refer to the date of purchase of the original item. The best way around this problem for consumers at the moment is to get a cash refund on the faulty item if possible and then buy a replacement with the cash refund thereby absolutely ensuring that you get a complete fresh guarantee.