The Legitimate Web

No Confidence: Crime is usually committed in the hope that it will go undetected and unpunished. Of course the perpetrators of criminal activity don't want to be caught. On the World Wide Web criminals go to great lengths to cover their tracks as they release viruses, commit fraud, swap child pornography, etc. The bottom line is that the internet has become a minefield of criminal activity and potential trouble for the ordinary decent people of this world, making it practically unusable for some. Consequently, many people now have no confidence in the web as they just don’t know what is safe and reliable and what isn't. People can be seriously vulnerable finding themselves experiencing problems ranging from malicious viruses preventing their machines from operating properly, to ransom software encrypting their files, to having their bank details stolen, to being persuaded by someone from 'Windows Live', or similar, to give them remote access to their machine on the pretence that it has a problem and they will help them fix it. How thoughtful of them!

Forces Of Darkness: Where there is an absence of light, criminals can very easily operate unseen and the forces of darkness can come out to play. Criminals can hide behind all sorts of things that enable them to con and steal from the ordinary decent people in this world, especially elderly people, who are more vulnerable perhaps. However, many people of all ages as well as some quite notable businesses have fallen victim over the years to to fraud and theft and it is very difficult to police or do anything about this growing problem, or to curb the growth of the criminal activity with the current World Wide Web setup because of the fact that criminals can operate without being identified. The internet has also been flooded with malware over the years by simple minded idiots who have nothing better to do than try and cause problems for others. All of this is enabled and facilitated by the fact that people can operate in darkness.

Illuminated Web: To eradicate these problem we need is a new type of internet for all decent people. A legitimate or illuminated web! A web that can be used safely and in the knowledge that it is not populated by scumbags looking to take advantage. This would mean that everyone connected to it would be required to be easily identifiable, traceable and accountable by being registered and having a set of unique identifiers. The system would then know exactly who you are and where you are connecting from otherwise you would not be able to connect. There must also be no opportunity to hide behind anything such as the Tor browser. For all those that want to carry out their dodgy covert activities, there would still be the existing 'dark' web. However, for all decent people, there would now be the chance to enjoy and benefit from this wonderful facility via a legitimate, 'illuminated' web, without the ever present worry of being conned, robbed, infected, or interfered with by some scumbag! Anyone who gets up to no good will be easily traced and identified.

Safe Haven: Criminality and the law is always a game of cat and mouse and it remains to be seen how difficult this concept may be to achieve. However, if it could be done it would dramatically reduce the problems we currently face and if properly policed, with everybody being required to be identifiable and traceable, perhaps we can actually make a safe haven for those that would like and deserve such a concept! Most decent people really don't have anything to hide or a need to remain anonymous. For those of us who do have nothing to hide, perhaps it is time for us to stand up and be counted, identified and accountable! I for one would rather connect with an internet like that and would sign up for it tomorrow. Criminals are themselves a form of virus. It may not be possible to eradicate them completely but we may be able to isolate them and keep them away from infecting and affecting the rest of us!