Windsor Adjustable Bed

The Windsor adjustable bed is readily available in a range of styles and sizes from various outlets in the UK. Draws, headboards and inbuilt massagers can be added to the base model as extras if required. There are also options on heavy duty frames and types of mattress.

Prices start for the basic 3ft single bed as featured in our case study from £525.00. This is a discounted price from the online company Mobility For Home. The same company advertises the regular price for this model to be £800.00. Prices go up as the bed increases in size and if the customer wants drawers added, etc. The 6ft super kingsize version without draws or headboard still only comes to £925.00 from this company.

Adding the maximum four draws and a 6ft headboard increments the price to £1,195.00. Remember, this is for a 6ft super kingsize with four draws and a headboard included. The normal 4ft 6in double with four draws and a headboard from this company still only comes to £975.00. The basic 4ft version of this adjustable bed is also available from Cyberbeds without draws or headboard for £750.00. With a full complement of four draws and headboard it is still only £975.00.

Other prices from other companies and for other styles vary but nowhere is anyone charging as much as Westminster Recliners.