Business Greed - Is It Really Necessary?

We on Earth currently seem to think that life is all about structuring society and business in order to make some people very rich, over and above both what they need and what is acceptable, while others are working hard for very little and not enough, not being able to make ends meet or enjoy life, as they live under perpetual financial stress!

Welcome To The Machine: Any society is a mechanism or machine, as is our planet, as is our universe, as is a human being. Conscious or otherwise, just like any machine, such as your car engine, each part has to be looked after and do its job. Each part also has to be properly serviced and oiled in order to get the best out of your engine. If the smallest part fails, the engine as a whole will fail or falter.

More Important? I have heard some people say that they think they, or their job is somehow more important or more worthy than the jobs of others, and therefore they deserve much more money. However, although some jobs may be more complicated or more demanding in one way or another, all jobs are equally important, because even the smallest, if not attended to properly, breaks the sequence of coordinated events and the machine can fail.

Suffer? Some people think it’s appropriate to exploit and under nourish others so that they can buy overly expensive yachts, twelve Rolls-Royce's, or even a football team. Is this really necessary at the expense of others who cannot afford to feed their kids? Would these people really suffer if they didn't own such extravagancies? However, the fact that people do currently behave in this fashion, does cause significant suffering!

You Know What! For those amongst us that are a little too full of our own self-importance, it is important to understand that although one's human body does have a brain, which admittedly does a very important and clever job, at the other end of the spectrum and of our human anatomy, is a backside, whose job of dealing with and disposing of the waste, may not be quite so glamourous or technical, but it is equally important. If the backside doesn't get what it needs in order to function properly, it will fail and the body will clog up and become full of you know what! Does that sound like our world to you?