While the government insist on persecuting people, abusing their fundamental human rights for crimes that cannot be crimes, because they are lifestyle choices and do not result in a victim, they allow promotion and proliferation of lifestyle choices that do result in victims and ruin the lives of many people in our society, such as greed and gambling!



No Big Deal? For 99% of people there is generally only one outcome from gambling - the loss of money. Out of your pocket into someone else's. That's fine if it's just a little flutter and no big deal, and you can afford to lose it. However, we know for a fact that gambling is addictive and wrecks lives. People can and do lose everything, including their homes, and yet gambling is being openly pushed upon ordinary people in the extreme.

Highly Addictive Mechanism: Gambling can be a highly addictive drug inducing activity because it causes the release of feel good chemicals in the body that produce a high making it extremely hard to resist for some people and yet all around we see advertising of gambling activities. Through the internet, the high street slot machine and even the TV, the rich have found just one more mechanism for taking ordinary people to the cleaners!

Gambling Has Taken Over: Since the abolishment of tobacco advertising gambling has taken over in many areas and adverts for gambling are now everywhere, especially in sport. For example, what used to be the Embassy world snooker championship is now the Betfred world snooker championship. The story is the same all over with gambling outfits, TV companies and even film stars, behaving like smack dealers, using their money to set up and advertise online gambling. Even young people are being sucked into participating on their phones.

Time For Change! High streets in some of poorest areas are now densely populated with gambling shops decked out with machines that take serious amounts of your money and take serious numbers of people to the cleaners. The Government are hypocrites in the extreme, bullying, persecuting and locking people up on the one hand for lifestyle choices that affect no one else whilst at same time allowing people to be robbed and have their lives wrecked through the addictiveness of gambling. Time for change on both fronts!