Business Activities

Highlighting Unethical, Undesirable And Fraudulent Business Activities

"Many people in this world are not content with running a fair and honourable business. They rip people off, exploit the trusting, the elderly and the vulnerable and are deceitful and fraudulent, literally conning people as they go about their morally devoid business activities leaving strings of victims in their wake."

The Limited Company Liquidation Scam
Rip off as many people as you like, your debts will be written off, and the people you owe will be left with nothing. The administrators will even sell you back your own equipment at a real knock down price and you can start up in business again just down the road leaving all the people you have ripped off with nothing. All you have to do is go into liquidation, change your buSINess name and appoint the wife or some other cohort as the next director.

Privatisation is an excuse for the rich to make money at the expense of the poor. For most ordinary people in this country privatisation means the quality of service goes down and the price goes up. The rich get richer and the poor pay more for a service that is less. Regardless of which government has been in power, the rich have rigged the housing market and have privatised and monopolised just about everything that used to be owned by the people. They have also monopolised just about every essential public service, making a profit at the expense of the ordinary people.

Crosstalk By Taz...
Vested Interest In The House

Gambling Wrecks Lives, Just Like Heroin
While the Government persecute people for smoking cannabis or enjoying a bit of coke when they're harming no other, they and the rich are screwing the poor, leaving a trail of victims through dealing in gambling, but that's alright because it's making them money.... = Wronga.con
A call for the Government to ban, or properly regulate, morally bereft companies, such as Wonga's sole purpose seems to be to exploit people in need, by enticing them to borrow money, and charging them highly extortionate interest rates and excessive fees in return. This basically means that people who fall into the Wonga trap can be lured into a situation where they will never get out of debt and can be financially written off, all for the sake of borrowing a few hundred pounds. The interest rate, as currently advertised at the time of writing on is 4214% APR, yes, that's right, over four thousand per cent APR. Even the highest credit cards do not normally exceed 30% APR. This means that are charging people 140 times as much as even the highest of credit cards. Taking advantage of people already in dire straits is a sad reflection of the monetary and moral state of our society.

Abbey National's Sneaky Ploy To Trap Unsuspecting Customers
Most companies have the courtesy to notify you in advance when something is due for renewal. Although, when it comes to your mortgage, not the Abbey National it seems. How much do they make from customers with this sneaky little ploy?

Santander - a leopard may change its name but it still has the same sneaky spots
Despite customer complaints going back many years, after they took over the Abbey National, Santander are still operating the same sneaky ploy to trap unsuspecting customers into paying additional interest charges by refusing to give advanced notification of mortgage deals coming to an end.

Virgin Media - Room For Improvement!
A call for Virgin Media to stop trying it on by being deceitful, underhanded and devious with its charging and pricing policies and instead to be more honest, open and transparent...

Westminster Recliners / UK Mobility Direct / Anchor Mobility Limited
This morally bereft outfit, operating under different names, is blatantly lying and ripping off the elderly and the disabled...

License Compliance Services / Getty Images
Extorting significant amounts of money from people using misleading and fraudulent fear tactics...