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Listed on this site are many issues currently under the spotlight. The aim of the Crosstalk Foundation is to highlight such issues with a view to measuring the strength of public opinion in order to gauge the best policy and most desirable course of action. As with many people, this we believe, is the way a true democracy should be managed. The list of issues is extensive and is being added to all the time. Some have in fact now been implemented. However, bizarrely, many problems are actually created by our current social management system, perhaps symptomatic of the fact that too many people in authority do what they like, and what they think is best, regardless of what the public feel, or whether it is even right.

The Crosstalk Foundation is based in Slade Green, which is located on the outer edge of London. Slade Green is a community island, cut off by the river Thames on one side and the Greenwich railway line on the other. Slade Green and the surrounding areas have incurred many of the problems associated with today's social issues. The local authority is Bexley Council and over the years we have had many issues to be concerned about as a result of the way the local authority manages our affairs, often blatantly against the grain of common sense and what people would like to see. Certain correspondence on this website involves such local issues and expresses a certain frustration with the local authority's refusal to give credence to local opinion. We have had our money wasted, our facilities curtailed and congestion and parking problems compounded by unpopular traffic management, to mention just a part.

This type of thing appears to be indicative of local authority behaviour and mentality up and down the whole country. One can find many instances of such issues on this website and, no doubt, many people will be able to relate to them because they will have suffered similar problems with their own local authority. This is where we feel it is time for a change. Local authorities and governments alike should spend our money on things we want, not on things we don't want. They should also be accountable and should listen to the people they are supposed to be serving and who pay their wages, rather than bulldozing ahead in a pig-headed fashion, thereby, leaving the unhappy taxpaying public to have live with the undesirable consequences. It is certainly the belief of many that we could do with a change in the way we manage our affairs! This website and the Crosstalk project is aimed at working towards achieving that!

The development of this website and its content has been ongoing for a number of years and I apologise in advance for any inaccuracies, inadequacies, or things that anyone may possibly find offensive. The ultimate aim of this project is try and address some of the many issues that cause problems for people in this world and to encourage a situation where all people are given the opportunity to be able to express their opinion and have it heard and acted on by the administrative bodies that charge us to order our lives. This website portrays a catalogue of ideas, suggestions, observations and opinions and is designed to be a foundation for a future upcoming project which will encompass public input. In fact ordinary members of the public can and do have good ideas as well as valid points of view. However, at present it is very difficult to get those ideas and points of view heard and to where they need to be, yet alone get them acted on or implemented. That is something that we hope this project will eventually help to correct!

The name Crosstalk can sum up many things and people often think in terms of religion, however, the Crosstalk project is a spiritual rather than religious project. One of its many aims will be to try and focus on the current 'mess' in religion with a view to working towards achieving some clarity and uniformity in what is considered 'right' amongst people. This project is not designed to divide and segregate, it is designed to unite and simply views all people as people. This project is about truth and consideration. That is truth as best as it can be ascertained within our current understanding and with the application of both science and common sense, and consideration of all people, as indeed each one of us would like to be considered.