General Aims: The aim of the Crosstalk Foundation is to try and communicate regarding various issues, with a view to achieving improvement for people in general in as many areas as become evident as to need addressing. Many of these issues are serious and open to a wide level of potential improvement. This project is designed to be constructive and caring and we hope that the relevant people will have the time to consider the points and proposals put forward. The Crosstalk Foundation is aimed at serving people in general to the best of its ability and be part of a constructive and useful relationship with the elements that matter.

Crosstalk? Crosstalk is an electrical engineering term relating to the leakage of information from one channel to another, but in this case, from one individual to another, the murmur of discontent amongst ordinary people, or the 'whisper in the street'. We hope to demonstrate that the leakage and communication of such information is of prime importance in achieving positive change for the future, for all people, where it really matters. The Crosstalk Foundation aims to try and highlight problems with a view to improving conditions for people across the board. The Crosstalk Foundation is proposing a new and up to date political system and more say for the individual in the street. The right to personal independence and personal autonomy and a recognition that we pay the government and local authorities to do what we want them to do, and not what we don't want them to do.

Principles: The Crosstalk Foundation operates within the bounds of one prime guideline and that is.... 'You can have who and what you like out of life - as long as you don't tread on who and what you like to get it!' Its principles relate to consideration, education and individual choice. It regards freedom of choice as being paramount and finds itself greatly at odds with the paradox of living in a so-called democratic society in which we have absolutely no say in what goes on. Part of the aim of the Crosstalk Foundation is to try and help towards changing this by demonstrating that, nowadays, especially, it is possible for all people to have a say in what goes on. Our current political system is archaic and out of date. It may have been cutting edge at one time, but that was when the most rapid form of communication was a piece of paper transported by a person on horseback. All things have moved on since then. All things except our political system that is!

What Does It All Add Up To? Many people are unhappy about the fact that local authorities and governments alike, ignore the strength of opinion, often acting in a way that is contrary to what people would like to see. Matters are made worse when these actions are reinforced by the might of the law, whether right or wrong. It is easy to be herded by those in a position of power, be it the architects of religion, communism, or democracy. The Crosstalk Foundation believes society should encompass the consideration of all people and all life, as should religion, constitute a fair sharing of wealth and resource, as should communism, and give room for an equal say for all people on all issues, as should democracy. We will never have peace where we have discontentment. We will never have contentment where we have inequality and inconsideration. In a world where money is God, politicians consistently fail to deliver, war persists, and death, resulting from man's action and inaction, is all around, there is always plenty of room for improvement!

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